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The Crying Game

Cordelia's co-worker tells her not to forget her dress. Cordy says she hasn't finished paying for it, but the girl says someone else did. Cordy looks at the receipt, and pulls the same surprised/pensive look as before. Oh, don't look at me like that -- we all know Xander paid for it.

Buffy returns to the library to grim faces, but tells the gang that she got Tucker's address. She shoos them off to the prom. They protest. She shoos. Oz really protests. She really shoos. They leave. She tells Giles to keep an eye on them at the gym. He cautions that the case isn't solved yet. Buffy gives an over-identifying speech about how important tonight is. Giles, tuned in, realizes that Angel isn't taking her. She fills him in that Angel is leaving town. Whatever lingering issues he might have about Angel, Giles puts them aside out of sympathy for Buffy. He says he doesn't know what to say, except that it's his understanding that "this sort of thing requires ice cream of some kind." I'd start crying now, but I know what's to come, and I have to ration the water in my body. Buffy allows herself a small grateful smile, but steels herself for the task at hand. She produces an all-time great quote: "Great thing about being a Slayer? Kicking ass is comfort food." Sing it, sister. She leaves.

Prom. Everyone's dancing. Anya is regaling Xander with vengeance demon war stories. Giles and Wesley reminisce about school days. Giles is wearing a vest. First suspenders, now this. Just more clothing to rip off him in a fit of passion. Sorry. Inside voices. Cordy walks in, hair up and wearing a gray sequined dress with a slit in it. It looks great on her, although her chest does look a bit bony. Wesley makes a big show of choking and staring. Giles rolls his eyes. So do I. Kids dance. Willow and Oz enter. Aw, Oz is wearing a vest too! So, so cute. And Willow looks beautiful in a full-length maroon dress and shawl. She's got her hair up too! I don't remember ever seeing that on the show. It's too bad. Anya has chosen a very unflattering look that I won't comment on here. Xander eagerly greets Wesley and Cordelia and asks how they are. Wesley, defensively: "Very well, thank you." Cordy, with a pointed look at Xander: "Yes. Thank you." WAAH! ["Aaaaand cue Sars waterworks." -- Sars] Xander says it looks good on her. Cordy, with a bright smile: "Well, duh!" Giles regards the entrance, wondering how Buffy's doing.

Buffy descends the stairs to Tucker's basement. This set looks suspiciously like every other basement I've seen on the show. Tucker's preparing to loose the hellhound, but Buffy throws him up against some shelves. He tries to break a vase over her head, but she deftly blocks his attack. She notices several videos with prom scenes, such as Carrie, Pump Up The Volume, and Pretty In Pink. Man, it's too bad the hounds didn't run into Molly Ringwald on the way to Sunnydale High. Buffy asks him why he would want to destroy the prom, but Tucker says he has his reasons. Hilarious cut to him asking a girl to the prom, and her simply saying, "No." Buffy manhandles him and ties his hands behind his back. She happily says she's going to lock him in the other room, but upon opening the door, she sees three empty cages with TV screens in front of them. He gloats that his "three fiercest babies" are on their way already. "If you think formalwear makes them crazy, wait till they see the mirror ball." Hee. But what about that whole remote-control thing? I don't get it.

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