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The Puppet Show

In history class, the teacher is lecturing about the Monroe Doctrine. And then we're hearing things from Buffy's perspective, I expect, because the voice fades out and her attention rests on Morgan, who for some reason has his dummy sitting on his lap. I sure don't remember being allowed to have toys in the classroom after kindergarten. Sid turns around and catches her mid-gaze, which startles Buffy, causing her to study her desk intently. And that's the last time the phrase "study intently" will be associated with Buffy. Cordelia, at the desk beside Buffy's, notices all the action and can't let it pass without a snide remark so she leans over to say, "Looks like someone digs you. That's adorable. You and the dummy could tour in the freak show." Buffy ignores her as Sid begins to whisper something to Morgan. The teacher asks Morgan a question, but he doesn't hear her right away, and Sid pipes up, "Morgan has other things on his mind." The rest of the class laughs, but the teacher has had enough and takes away Morgan's dolly. She hides Sid away in a cupboard and resumes her lecture, but from inside the cupboard Sid says, "I'm still watching you." The teacher reprimands Morgan and Buffy looks thoughtful.

After school, Morgan has returned to the same classroom to claim his dummy. Before the teacher retrieves Sid from the cupboard, she asks Morgan if everything is going fine for him at home and school. He unenthusiastically replies that everything is "great," but the teacher feels that he's been a little distant. Morgan's only reply is to grasp his head between his palms and mumble painfully. She advises him not to let "things get in the way" of his being one of the "brightest" kids she's ever seen. Morgan asks if he can get Sid back now, and the teacher completely ignores Morgan's freaky body language as she opens the cupboard, but behold! Sid is gone. Morgan is quite distressed and speaks to the teacher in a vaguely threatening way when he asks what she did with Sid.

In the library, Xander is playing with Sid as Buffy, Willow, and Giles enter, their arms full of costumes for the talent show. Buffy catches sight of Xander with Sid and demands to know where he got him. Xander reminds her that she said she wanted to speak to Morgan without Sid around so he took the dummy out of Mrs. Jackson's cupboard. Xander starts doing his own ventriloquist act with Sid, asking Buffy and Willow if they'd like to hear some "off-color jokes." Buffy advises Xander that he shouldn't be doing that because she's getting a little wigged out, and Xander knocks Sid's head against the table to prove it's just wood. Xander tells her to go find Morgan, and Buffy agrees after telling the gang to "watch the dummy." For some reason nobody asks Buffy to clarify exactly which dummy she meant. After Buffy has gone, Xander cracks me up by shaking Sid and making him say, "Redrum! Redrum!" Then Giles reminds Willow that they need to start researching, and Willow remarks, "Once again I'm banished to the demon section of the card catalog." I know I get a little too nostalgia-girl in some of these first season recaps, but I really used to love the fact that research was a major sub-plot on this show. It was like revenge for all us bookish, library-loving types. But that whole damn Initiative theme in season four wiped out all the research and musty tomes and all-nighters in the library and I miss it all, dammit! Giles and Willow go into the stacks to research, leaving Xander and Sid sitting at the table. Xander places Sid in a chair in the end of the table and, having second thoughts, turns Sid's head so it's not facing in his direction.

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