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The Puppet Show

Buffy is searching for Morgan in the auditorium. She calls his name as she makes her way down the aisle to the stage. She goes backstage when she hears a noise, and some curtains billow in a sudden gust of wind. She walks towards it, but quickly turns around to see Principal Snyder at the top of the steps leading to the stage. Snyder asks if Buffy is "looking for something," and she asks him if he's seen Morgan. Instead of answering, he comes down the stairs, saying, "You know, with everything that's been going on recently, I'm not sure how safe it is for a girl like yourself to be here. Alone." Buffy, with a hard look in her eyes, says that she knows how to take care of herself. They stare at each other for a moment and then Snyder says, "All right then," as he goes back upstairs.

Back in the library, Xander peeks at Sid, still in the same chair, and then turns his attention back to his work. In the stacks, Willow reads to Giles from a book, "'On rare occasions inanimate objects of human quality, such as dolls and mannequins, already mystically possessed of consciousness, have acted upon their desire to become human by harvesting organs." Wait, "already mystically possessed of consciousness"? No more sleep for me. They put two and two together and realize that Emily's heart could have been used for that purpose. Back in Xander's section of the library, he gets up to fetch a book, and when he returns to the table we can see that Sid is gone, but Xander doesn't notice yet. He sits down again and begin to read, but chances to glance at Sid's chair a second later and jumps up on top of his chair, frightened, when he sees that it's empty. Xander's cry of "Whoa!" brings Giles and Willow out of the stacks. Xander points at the chair and says, "Sid's gone!" which startles Willow and Giles as they make scared noises and look on the floor. Giles even drops a book. I love it when he gets riled.

Backstage, Buffy is still looking for Morgan, and she hears some creaking. She looks around a bit, pushing some clothes on a rack out of the way, but sees nothing. She continues to make her way towards the noise, and then she trips on something. She looks down to find Morgan's body sans brain. As she slowly backs away, she whispers to herself, "Demon's got himself a brain." She backs up through a beaded curtain, but hears another noise and looks up to see a wrought-iron chandelier falling towards her. Because the WB had a special effects budget of about ten bucks a week the first season, we have to cut to a commercial, and then when we've returned we see that the chandelier has pinned an artfully arranged and not-at-all crushed looking Buffy to the floor. Buffy comes back to consciousness slowly and we get a few shots from woozy-cam. She hears little wooden footsteps pattering and sees Sid running across the catwalk above. She tries to lift the chandelier off of herself, but it's too heavy. I find it hard to believe that the girl who can bend a shotgun barrel in half would struggle with a chandelier, and what the hell was a chandelier doing up there in the first place? I know that California public schools probably don't have a lot of money to spend on theatre lighting, but I doubt they've resorted to candlelight. Buffy calls out, "Whoever's out there, I'm gonna hurt you! Badly!" Pause. "If you'll just give me a minute." She struggles with the chandelier some more, and when she looks over her shoulder she sees Sid with his knife held high. In the nick of time she turns her head to avoid being stabbed. Buffy manages to get one arm free and strikes out with it, knocking Sid down. She's able now to shift the chandelier enough to get her other arm free and extricate herself the rest of the way. Sid attacks her from behind while she's freeing herself, but she knocks him across the floor and into a wall. She frees herself the rest of the way and pins Sid against a wall with a move that looks most ineffectual and limp-wristed. Sid says, "You win. Now you can take your heart and your brain and move on." But as much as Buffy could use a supplemental brain, she declines the offer and says that they would have made "great trophies" for Sid, except that he "lost and now [he'll] never be human." "Yeah, well, neither will you," retorts Sid. "What?" they say in unison, having both confused each other thoroughly.

Back in the library, Sid explains it all. "This is what I do. I hunt demons. Yeah, you wouldn't know it to look at me. Let's just say there was me, there was a really mean demon, there was a curse, and the next thing I know I'm not me anymore. I'm sitting on some guy's knee, with his hand up my shirt." Buffy concludes that he thought she was the demon, and Sid defends his line of reasoning, but not before giving Buffy the hairy eyeball, saying that she is "strong, athletic, limber, nnnnnubile." Sid goes on to say that since the demon is in possession of a heart and a brain, he can keep his human form for another seven years. I have to admit that I'm beating back a few hundred Wizard of Oz jokes here. As the tea kettle whistles, Giles gets up to make himself a cuppa and says, "I must say it's a welcome change to have someone else explain all these things." Sid continues, "There were seven of these guys. I've killed six. If I can get the last one, the curse will be lifted and I'll be free. I'm sure it's someone in that stupid talent show." Buffy realizes that whoever is missing from the talent show is probably the culprit. All this talk of the show suddenly reminds Giles that the show is supposed to start any moment. Sid advises Giles before curtain to pull everyone into a "power circle" to give them a little pep-talk so they can see who is missing. Giles seems confused, but agrees on his way out the door.

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