Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Replacement

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The Replacement

But he still has that bitching apartment! The next day (or whenever. You know, later) Riley, Buffy, and Anya help Xander pack up his stuff and get the hell out of that awful hellhole of a basement. I'd like to point out that Buffy is dressed like a normal person, in black capris, a black and white baseball tee, and sneakers. And ponytails! Like a normal person, I tell you! While Buffy and Anya are out loading the car, Xander wonders ruefully how Anya can make him feel "like suave Xander's left the building." Riley reassures him that Anya "digs the whole package." Xander tells Riley that he envies the fact that Riley's in a "sane" relationship. He makes it clear that he's not into Buffy anymore. Because he's so not. Not that he ever was. Because, you know, he totally was not. Riley quietly says that he knows how lucky he is, like, "lottery lucky." He sighs and tells Xander that Buffy splits him in two; half of him is on fire for her, while the other half is perfectly content in the knowledge that she's "the one." He picks up a box and makes me very, very sad when he says, sadly, that he knows Buffy doesn't love him. Poor Riley. Xander watches quietly as Buffy comes downstairs and kisses her boyfriend. He looks pensive. Don't we all? Who would have thought that Riley would suddenly turn all likable, only to get screwed over? Wonders will never cease.

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