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The Weight Of The World

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The Weight Of The World

In some sort of warehouse, one extra and a bunch of sound effects in the background work very hard to give us the impression that a whole bunch of construction is happening. Lame. Glory rushes into the place, pulling Dawn along with her, and the three or four extras (plus the legions in our willing imaginations) kneel down before the god of bad home perms and even worse acting. "The Key. The Key," they chant. I'm painfully bored with this scene already, and it hasn't even begun. I can tell it will suck, though. And most likely be repetitious. Repetitious it will be. Glory hustles Dawn into some back room, and I'm glad Joss and crew managed to shave a few bucks off the budget for this episode by just going around the back of the Zauber Kasten set and filming there. I sure hope the money saved on sets and on writing a full script for this episode will go towards something fantastic in the season finale. Heh -- who am I kidding? We'll probably get an hour of the Scoobies standing around in front of a blank wall, exclaiming that Glory's demon dimension is so awful and hellish. Then some clangy noises off-stage, and whoop -- Xander can run in saying that Buffy just defeated 1.5 million Knights of Borezantium. "Look! There!" he'll say and point off stage right, and the Scoobs can all go, "Ooooh." It's starting to look a lot like Beckett around here.

Glory sulks while a large priestly-looking minion daubs stuff on Dawn's forehead and the other minions repeat their two lines this week about the Key opening dimensional portals. I've got it! This episode must be an homage to the movie Memento. In the movie, Guy Pearce plays a guy who has had some sort of brain damage and can't form any new memories. If you talk to him for longer than fifteen minutes, he won't remember meeting you or even that he was just speaking to you. And this whole episode is like that -- we've got the Scoobies who can't recall what Spike just told them, and a script written as though we, the audience, can't remember what just happened, that keeps telling us, over and over, that Ben and Glory are the same and that Glory wants to use Dawn to lower all the walls between the dimensions. The only problem being that I'm NOT Guy Pearce, I CAN form short-term memories, and I KNOW that Ben and Glory are the same and that Glory wants to use the Key to get home. I know it, I get it, all my ancestors got it, they wrote in the family Bible about it; they sang songs about it while they farmed potatoes in the Old Country. It's entered my genetic code and all my descendants will be born getting it. Their first words will be, "I get it!" and they'll fly in their perpetual motion machine pod transportation vehicles with vanity plates that read, "We get it!" For god's sake, people, stop telling us the same thing over and over! I barely have the fortitude to continue recapping this scene because, as I recall, this is the scene where Ash, who rarely watches Buffy with me, and who in fact rarely gets to even spend time with me, stood up, said, "This sucks," and went to bed rather than having to sit through any more. Grrrrrr.

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