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The Weight Of The World

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The Weight Of The World

At the Wacky Factory, Glory sulks about having to remember all sorts of stuff about Ben's life. I'm sulking about it too, baby. Glory rants about the "cloak" between her and Ben "fading," and demands that the priest minion get Ben out of her. Bloop! She morphs into Ben, who says he can't kill Dawn. Bloop! He turns back into Glory, who falls to the ground, weakened. Priest Minion tells Glory that this process is the price she has to pay for opening the portal. Glory then grabs Dawn by the neck, saying, "We do this now."

Willow is still in Buffy's mind, next to the fire. She spots Buffy as she was dressed in "Intervention" and then spots the First Slayer. Retread of "Intervention," with the First saying, "Death is your gift," and Buffy replying, "Death is my gift?" Willow is as confused as we all were back when we first had to sit through this scene. Then Willow is back in the magic shop, watching Beige Buffy shelve the book. Then she's in a hallway at the Summers home, watching black-clad Buffy walk down the hall. Willow hurries after her.

Glory is still strangling Dawn, who whimpers passively, which she seems to do a lot in this episode. The minions nag and interfere, bitching that it's not the right time to kill the Key. Glory sends the minions out of the room and then engages Dawn in a boring one-sided conversation about how much it sucks being human. Humans have no control; they're slaves to hormones. JUST SHUT UP, GLORY! Seriously, I cannot take her yapping for one minute longer. Too bad I'm only halfway done with the recap then, huh? She rants some more and then finally asks, "Name one person who can take [living a human life]. That's all I'm asking." God, if only that was all she was asking. Anyway, Dawn replies, "Buffy."

Back into the depths (Right. Work with me here.) of Buffy's mind as she's walking down the hall, Willow imploring her that they need to get moving. Buffy Classic walks into Joyce's old room to find the floor covered by a carpet of grass, and a fresh grave with a headstone where Joyce's bed used to be. Willow offers her condolences, but Buffy tells her, "Don't be [sorry]. Death is my gift." Can death be my gift? If I die, I won't have to suffer through the rest of this episode. Willow is confused by that and follows Buffy across the hall into Dawn's room, where Dawn is lying on the bed, looking like she's in some blissed-out heroin haze. "It's really not that complicated," explains Buffy, "It's what I do…it's what I'm here for. It's all I am." She then proceeds to hold a pillow over Dawn's face until she suffocates. Willow, distraught, pleads with her to stop, but Buffy is blasé.

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