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The Weight Of The World

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The Weight Of The World

Willow. Buffy. Hallway. AGAIN. "Buffy, you have to stop doing this. This never happened. You never killed your sister." Buffy Classic matter-of-factly says, "Will, I did this." Willow tries to explain that it only happened in Buffy's head and desperately says, "You're stuck in some kind of loop." ["Willow! Hello, hacker chick? Case in an exit option or a break or something. C'mon. In the program that is Buffy's mind, it can't be that complicated." -- Sep] Buffy Classic brushes by her and heads down the hall again.

Ben and Dawn slink down a darkened street, and why is Ben still wearing that lacy wrap? Um, don't make it too easy for the minions to find you or anything. As a minion, it's probably a safe bet that if the guy you spot down the block is in drag and creeping about with teenaged girl in tow, he's the guy you're after. Besides, it's not as if Glory can do anything to Ben if he isn't wearing what she left him in. Anyway. Dawn whispers to Ben, "I think they see us." Ben pulls her into and alley and huddles in the alcove of a building. He warns to her be still and then peeks around the corner. Before he can turn back, Dawn has somehow managed to pick up a stray pile of heavy chain (conveniently left lying in the alley) without making one single sound. She dumps it on Ben's head, knocking him unconscious, and right when I start to congratulate Dawn for realizing that she needs to get herself as far away from Ben as possible, Glory manifests, I guess because of the shock to Ben's system.


Glory is all mad that Dawn had the audacity to hurt her, shoves her around a bit in retaliation, and then says they're going to have some "big-girl fun." But then Ben manifests again, and they argue for custody of Dawn. God. This scene. Is. So. Tiresome. Back and forth. Ben to Glory. Glory to Ben. Bad wooden acting to scenery chewing. It's all so incredibly painful. Dawn, smart little cookie, sees that they're both engaged and tries to get away, but Glory notices this and flings her against a dumpster. Then she morphs and Ben grabs a stray bottle, breaks it on the side of the dumpster, and threatens to bleed Dawn dry then and there so Glory won't be able to go home. Before he can do it, Glory manifests. She offers him a deal -- basically, if he helps her get back home, she'll make him immortal. Ben refuses at first, and Glory shouts, "When exactly when you get stupid?" May I field that one? The question is not when did Ben get stupid (as anyone can see that it happened long before he came to Sunnydale), but when did this SHOW get so stupid as to think that foisting this scene, with these "actors," on us would make for riveting television? Did they get a discount on the morphing special effects? Frankly, I'd rather see this executed with dueling sock puppets. Crater-faced sport sock in a brown wig for Ben, and a silk trouser sock with a bad spiral perm wig for Glorificus. At least then I might stand a chance at being amused. Ben says that he wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of killing Dawn, but Glory informs him that immortal creatures aren't bothered by pesky feelings of guilt. Ben manifests again and approaches Dawn, offering her a hand. "I'm sorry," says he, in a normal tone that makes one think he Made The Right Decision. But then he grabs Dawn by the arm roughly and drags her out of alley and hands her over to the minions.

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