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The Weight Of The World

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The Weight Of The World

Okay. We're still trapped in Buffy's "mind." Willow follows Buffy out of Joyce's room and into the magic shop, where we see Beige Buffy playing librarian again. "What is this?" asks Willow. Endless loop of Beige Buffy shelving the same book over and over again. Willow: "Right here it happened. I know it's something small but it's something." Buffy Classic doesn't want to talk about it, but Willow insists that if she weren't trying to show her something, she wouldn't keep dragging her back to this same point. "What happened here?" she probes. Beige Buffy says, "This is when I quit, Will. Just for a second." Basically, in that very second that Buffy was shelving that book, she knew, nay, felt that Glory would best her, and as soon as she had felt that in her soul, she wanted it to come to pass so it would be over; even though it would mean Dawn's death, it would still be a relief for it to finally be finished. Whew. The Buffys then explain that, in the moment Glory captured Dawn, something could have been done differently, and therefore it's as if Buffy held the knife to Dawn's throat herself. Willow says, "I think Spike was right back at the gas station. [yelling] Snap out of it!" God, this is so tedious. Willow explains to Buffy that she's feeling guilt, and that because of the incredible burden she's been carrying since she was fifteen, one second of wanting "out" is completely freakin' normal. "I killed Dawn," monotones Buffy Classic. Willow, losing patience, explains that Dawn isn't yet dead, but will be soon if Buffy doesn't get her act together. She starts to leave, but Buffy asks where she's going. Willow half-turns and says, "Where you're needed. Are you coming?" Buffy Classic looks once more to Beige Buffy, and then we're back in Xander's room. Buffy shakes and wakes up, and immediately begins to cry with her head in her hands. Willow kneels at the foot of Buffy's chair and holds her. Just when I was almost getting caught up in the touching moment, I notice that Willow is wearing boots with spiky high-heels. Okay. I'm used to Willow wearing some sartorial disasters, but I really think it's bad characterization for her to be wearing spiky boots. It's just. Not. Willow.

Der Zauber Kasten. A refreshed Buffy enters, flanked by Willow, Tara, and Anya. "Heard you found a ritual text," says she, all business. Uh. How? Xander: "Did you know that…" (beat) "…Ben is Glory." "So I'm told," breezes Buffy. Again. By whom? Buffy asks to be briefed, and Giles haltingly stammers that the scrolls tell them that Glory can be stopped, and that he's read them very carefully and he's sure he has understood them correctly. Buffy looks quizzical. Giles sits, takes off his glasses, and tells Buffy that "Glory plans to open a dimensional portal by way of a ritual blood-letting." A blood-letting? Really!? When did this happen?! I sure wish they wouldn't spring these plot developments on us unannounced. He goes on to tell us almost verbatim what we heard last week from Commander Blob, in that the universe will melt together like Sep's nummy chaos cheese sandwich. "So how do we stop it?" Giles looks serious and says, "Buffy, the only way is to kill Dawn." Oh, for the love of all that is holy. Is this how every few seasons of Buffy is going to end from now on? I can see it now: in season twenty-seven, after every character we have ever remotely cared for is killed off, BuffyBot will find an ancient text prophesizing that, to stop the reign of evil and uncharismatic villain number thirty-three who has opened a portal into hell/breached the integrity of the dimensional boundaries/opened the Hellmouth/broken ground on an outlet mall in Sunnydale, she must spill the blood of her beloved hamster Fluffernutters.

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