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A Midsummer Night's Nightmare

Library. A large symbol is painted over the Hellmouth spot. Giles recites something in Latin. Willow comes back to report that Oz is safely moved. Giles explains that he'll finish the ritual while she stands back. "Who knows what's going to come up from beneath us." And because they want to torture me some more, that question is answered with a cut to the basement, where the Deadas have finished constructing the bomb. They set it to go off in an hour. Commercials.

Hyperion Bay. I don't even remember that show. How long did it last? ["Seventeen episodes. You're welcome." -- Sars]

Xander drives along, muttering that Giles will know what to do. He encounters the Deadas. They try to flag him down, but he grabs Thriller Boy and holds him outside the car as he drives. He asks where the bomb is. Thriller Boy tells him where it is. Xander: "I'm gonna ask you this once, and you'd better pray you get the answer right. How do I dis--" Thriller Boy's decapitated by a mailbox. I guess that's karmic payback for all the times he played mailbox baseball. Xander drives towards the school with the other three in pursuit. The Wacky Music Of This Is Trying To Be A Clever Parody And Failing Miserably plays. It's been playing almost the entire time that Xander has been onscreen. I've been trying to ignore it. Xander runs into the school. He asks, "Where's a Slayer when you need one?"

Library. The Scoobs are arrayed near the entrance. They gape at the Hellmouth. Giles: "My God. It's grown." I think it's vodka tonic time. Behind him, Xander runs by, as do the three remaining Deadas. Blond Boy stops at the window to watch. The Scoobs stand there, doing nothing. At least that's a consistent theme in this episode.

The three goons have lost Xander. They fan out. Meathead grabs an axe. "Good for chopping." And here I thought "axe not gonna cut it" didn't have a precursor. Blech. Xander, in the lounge, is set upon by Meathead. Xander gets the better of him, and uses the axe to tip a soda machine onto his head. In a probably unintentional funny moment, Meathead doesn't even react as the soda machine falls. Blond Boy appears and sees Meathead's no-longer-animated corpse. Xander appears, wielding the axe. "You shoulda learned by now, if you're gonna play with fire, you gotta expect sooner or later --" Blonde Boy runs. Xander: "I wasn't finished!" Heh. "Note to self: Less talk." Wordy-fucking-word.

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