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A Midsummer Night's Nightmare

Tool hams up an incantation over a grave. He says, "The blood of the earth shall restore him," and cuts his hand open. Well, he's got the brainpower of a bag of loam, so I guess this makes sense. The blood drips on the grave. I find it hard to believe that a dead guy's blood would suffice for this ritual, but I'm probably over-thinking it. Some meathead in a letterman's jacket ["which I believe he also wore as a regular guest star on 90210" -- Sars] crawls out from the ground. He was buried in a letterman's jacket? That's just hopelessly pathetic. It's also so Kurt and Ram in Heathers. I guess I just repeated myself. Meathead's face is somewhat rotted. He and Tool embrace. BG, whose face has been completely expressionless up to this point, picks this moment to scream and run away. Xander: "I'll call you!" Don't you dare, Zeppo Boy. Meathead gives Tool props for raising him. They actually bump chests. These guys are about as hip as a Hootie and the Blowfish tribute band. Xander says that maybe he should go, but Tool introduces him to Meathead as their "wheel man." Meathead says they have to get the other guys, and Tool agrees. Meathead asks how long he's been dead. Tool: "Eight months. I had to wait until the stars aligned." Meathead asks if Tool has been taping Walker: Texas Ranger for him. Okay -- ha! Meathead says they're going to party, and that it'll be a "night to remember." And here I am, already trying to forget it.

Cut to Tool performing the ritual again. A blond kid with half of his face peeled off pops up. "Dudes!" I think he went to my school. You know, these guys are coming back completely as themselves, and no demon eggs were even required. Plus, the ritual looks amazingly simple. What's up with that?

We see the sign for the Restfield Cemetery, which is the same one in "Revelations." Sniff. I miss good episodes. Giles and the Spirit Guides chat in Latin. The Spirit Guides are a cloud and some flashing lights. I'm vaguely reminded of the original Star Trek episode "The Squire Of Gothos," only the production values here aren't as good. It's quite sad. The Spirit Guides basically tell Giles to fuck off. Isn't that the standard reaction for any higher power in the Jossverse? Xander walks up and says hi. We see Tool, Meathead, and Blond Boy in the background. Tool yells for Xander. Xander asks Giles if the Scoobs need help. Dude, just tell him what's going on! Ack! Contrivance must have hired a staff for this episode. Giles tells him to stay out of trouble, then observes that there's something different in the air, "the stench of death." Xander: "Yeah, I think it's Bob." Hee. Although I bet Meathead didn't smell like daisies when he was alive. Giles says they may all be called upon to fight. Then take Xander with you, you British buffoon! Now this episode is making me mad at Giles. Dan Vebber, I hate you. And "Lovers Walk" was way overrated -- see my recap. Giles leaves with this: "Hopefully we should have time to prepare. All we need is a few weeks."

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