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Spike and Andrew are still at Nuestra SeƱora del Ajo Sagrado. They seems to be marking time for some reason. Every time I reread that sentence, I think I wrote "making time" and I scare myself. Andrew wants to play games, Spike doesn't. Um, not those kind of games. They bicker. Third-to-last episode, people, and we're wasting precious seconds on this. Andrew flounces around all ADD, and then expositions the only useful piece of information in this scene: they have to wait until it's night again to leave so Spike won't burn up. Except that IT IS night in Sunnydale, as the past two scenes have just shown us. So either Spike and Andrew are total morons, or it's very close to sunrise so they can't leave. Heh -- why say "either"? I'll go with both options. Spike is all agitated about not being around to help Buffy.

Basement of Betrayal. Faith, Xander, Dawn, and the Junior Misses are gathered around in candlelight, reviewing what they know so far. They're wearing different clothes than in the opening scene, so is this supposed to be the next morning? If so, why are they in the basement? Was the living room set deemed just a little too spacious and exciting? Some things they know: most humans have left Sunnydale, evil wants them dead, and men in black eye patches shouldn't wear red plaid shirts. Oops, sorry. That last one is something they obviously don't know. Kennedy claims that Father Malarkey told Buffy that "everything is going down at the Seal [of Danzig]." Uh, no he didn't. And shut up, Kennedy. Kennedy is going to recommend some action at the school, but Faith wants to stick with reviewing their knowledge. Various people contribute to a list of their enemies. J. Sweet 'n' Low is there, so I guess she wasn't just purely a fantasy of Xander's. Faith declares the Bringers the "weakest link." Oh, hey -- Giles is there, and he's leaning! Hi, Giles. Whoops, sorry. Sometimes I forget we're no longer together. My brain just sent my heart the memo again. He wants to know if Faith is considering attacking the Bringers. Her plan is more along the lines of kidnapping one to make it talk. She gets some snarking from Kennedy (shut up, Kennedy) and Xander. Look, Wood is there too. Who knew? Not me, because the swoopy cam didn't give us an establishing shot. Kennedy wants to take a team to the school, and Faith flat-out tells her no. Kennedy starts whining about things not being different since they deposed the Buffster and earns a "Shut up, Kennedy" of sorts from Willow, who tells her she's "pushing too hard." Faith gets tired of Kennedy's crapola and stands up. She tells the group she's the boss, the leader. They'll do what she says. In conclusion, Kennedy needs to "back the hell off" and let Faith do her job. Anybody who joins me in telling Kennedy to shut the hell up is my hero of the day.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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