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Two Too Many

Police station. Andrew and Jonathan are still alive and well in their jail cell. They haven't stopped bickering, though. Andrew is listening for "signals." Jonathan offers to trade a pack of cigs for enough tinfoil to make Andrew "a nice little antennae hat." Heh. But it's not aliens that Andrew is trying to contact -- it's Warren. He thinks that Warren is testing them, and if they can figure out how to get in touch with him, he will save them. Jonathan calls Andrew "sadness personified," which is nice, because now I don't have to. The nerd fight escalates with half-shoving and grappling. Wow. Jonathan is wearing a lot of eyeliner. Looks good on him. I still think he wouldn't get chicks as hot as he does if he weren't an actor, though.

Sep: Did you read all the Danny Strong backlash on the boards? I wasn't quite expecting that at, y'know, Television Without Pity.
Ace: Yeah, we sure insulted a lot of short, weak-chinned men with weight issues, didn't we? It's probably that Danny Strong isn't a huge star, so people still care if we poke fun at him.
Sep: Yeah. I'm sure we really deeply wounded the guy. "Let me wipe away these tears with my supermodel girlfriend's plastic boob." Hey, I'm putting this in the recap, you know.
Ace: My God. Do you want everyone to hate us?
Sep: I just want to feel.

The boys are interrupted by Anya teleporting into their cell. She looks so good with her blonde hair. I wish she'd wiggle her nose every time she teleports, though. She quickly recaps the events of the last episode for them, thus saving me the trouble. Andrew is crushed to hear about Warren's death. Jonathan is beside himself with worry for his own tiny little skin. He quickly joins Anya in calling for the guard. Andrew delusions, "We didn't do anything." The guard comes over, drawn by the racket, and is rather surprised to see a third person in the cell. Anya very matter-of-factly tries to explain that he needs to let Andrew and Jonathan go in order to save them. He's a little skeptical, so she teleports to outside of the cell and asserts herself some more. "So just believe me when I tell you: These things are real. They're dangerous. And they're coming." Kudos to Emma Caulfield on her delivery here. She's one of the few high points of this episode. I actually really like Anya now that she's a vengeance demon again; she seems so much more self-assured and secure. Plus, she stopped whining. If she just would stop with the enacting-bloody-vengeance bit, I could like her and she could stay. Hey! My mom is a non-practicing Catholic; maybe Anya could be a non-practicing vengeance demon!

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