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Two Too Many

Outside the police station, the camera pans up and over a police car. The ever-present cup of coffee on the dash rumbles at the approach of Willow. This liquid-rippling effect always makes me think of Jurassic Park. This is never a good thing. The air swirls, lightning flashes, and Willow materializes in what looks an awful lot more like teleporting than "going airborne." Poof! Willow is here. But it's not really Willow, remember? It's Cruella D'Will. Heh. That's why she flayed Warren last week. She's making a coat out of him. Man, how much cooler would this episode be if Willow pranced around singing, "See my vest! See my vest! It was once Warren's chest!" I wonder what she's going to make out of Andrew and Jonathan? Not much to work with on those two. Especially Jonathan. Might only be able to get a pair of gloves out of him. Possibly a dickie. Anyway. Police officer? Disturbed. He gets out of the patrol car to confront Cruella D'Will, but she makes him go take a nap. She stands in the middle of the street and looks up at the second floor of the jail menacingly.

Back inside, Anya is still trying to convince the guard to let these nice boys out of custody. Suddenly the back wall of the cell is being disassembled. "Bricks" fly down to the street below. The guard takes off, saying, "Don't move. You'll be safe here."

Outside, police pour out of the station to helpfully mill around and point their guns at Cruella D'Will, but without actually shooting her or anything in order to save the special effects budget for those CGI dung beetles later. Cruella D'Will tosses them around like dolls for a bit, then goes back to dismantling the jail. Meanwhile, Buffy sneaks up behind Willow, hugging the building. She surveys the scene and then finds a side entrance.

Andrew begs Anya to teleport the two of them out of there, but there's no room for passengers on the Emerson Express. Andrew is still confused, thinking that he's done nothing wrong at all. Jonathan attempts to reset Andrew's moral compass for him.

Buffy kicks open the door and runs to the cell holding the two nerds.

Back on the street, Cruella D'Will has apparently taken enough time to slowly and meticulously create a big hole in the wall and is now ready to fly through the air and perch upon it. She enters to find an empty cell, the bars bent out of shape just enough to allow the Duo of Dim to escape. Anya, however, has decided to stick around and try to talk some sense into Willow. Willow responds by jolting her with a large dose of CGI lightning. Cruella D'Will turns towards the camera and lets out a high-pitched bat scream. Sigh. If a witch screams in a really boring episode, does that mean I have to stick around to hear it?

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