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Two Too Many

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Outside, Andrew reacts painfully to Willow's scream. Buffy decides that their only chance is to run. Fortunately, Xander pulls up just then in a patrol car. Buffy calls shotgun, but Xander starts putting the pedal to the metal before Buffy really has a chance to get in. Probably to get back at her for leaving him in the woods.

Buffy looks behind them nervously to see if Willow is on their tail before asking Jonathan and Andrew if they're okay. She tells them that they're going to find somewhere safe to stick them until they can deal with Willow. Jonathan and Andrew grumble a bit, but Xander tells them that if they don't knock off the bickering, he's going to "pull this car over and you can just walk to your painful deaths from here." Jonathan asks the question that's been on everyone's mind, namely why doesn't Willow just snap her fingers and kill these two dolts. For some reason, Buffy spares Jonathan the truth that they have another hour and forty-five minutes of season finale to fill, and instead tells him that it's not that Willow wants them dead -- it's that she wants to kill them. Andrew again insists, "But we didn't do anything." Buffy thankgodfully smacks him. Xander asides to Buffy that Jonathan has a point: "Why isn't she right here, right now?" Xander! Were you not listening? I just told you! It's called filler. And boy, does this episode have it in spades. Blah blah blah. Jonathan can't believe "that was Willow," the Willow of the homemade lunches and the flood pants, the Willow he's known since childhood.

Suddenly, the car is bumped from behind. It's Cruella D'Will, standing on top of a semi, steering with the power of her mind. God. Everything about this looks so cheap and fake. Especially the over-the-shoulder WillowCam shots in which the Willow blow-up doll stand-in stiffly shakes in the breeze. The semi bumps the patrol car a couple more times. Xander asks Buffy if she has "any ideas." Buffy's advice? "Drive faster." And then in my very favorite stupid moment from this stupid episode, Xander begins to drive faster, and the car speeds up enough to put some distance between them and the big frickin' truck that's been ramming them. Yes, that's right. It actually hadn't occurred to Xander to freakin' floor it until he was told to do so. He was fully prepared to drive to the conditions of the road. I've never considered Xander an incredibly smart guy, but I certainly never thought that he was THIS dumb. Okay. This scene is getting on my nerves. I never noticed until I sat down to recap it, but it's not just that everyone stands around doing the same thing in slightly different settings for two hours; even the way the scenes are shot is filler. Reaction shot from Our Heroes. Pull out to reveal deserted highway. WillowCam shot. Pull out to reveal deserted highway. Reaction shot from Our Heroes. WillowCam shot. So. They're being chased. It's supposed to be dramatic. Things are going badly for Our Heroes until Cruella D'Will starts running low on the juice, allowing the driver of the semi to regain control of the vehicle.

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