Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What's My Line?, Part I

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Eat Your Heart Out, Tonya Harding

Buffy patrols a graveyard. She hears a metallic clinking, and sees that there's a light coming from a mausoleum. She quietly opens the door, and sees Dalton chiseling away at something. She closes the door and waits for him to come out, which he presently does. She snits at him a bit, but another vamp comes up behind her. They fight. She dusts him, but when she turns back to where Dalton was, he's gone.

Angel's waiting in Buffy's bedroom when she climbs up to the window and sees him. Pleased, she tosses her bag into the room. He turns around, and we see that he's clutching Mr. Gordo, Buffy's stuffed pig. He says she scared him, and with the pig and all, this is about as cute a moment as you're likely to get from Angel, so enjoy it while you can. Buffy: "Now you know what it feels like, Stealth Guy." Shout-out? She casually asks him if he's there for some quality time with Mr. Gordo. Hee. He softly says that nothing's up, but she thinks he's lying, and tells him that Joyce is away on a business trip, so they don't have to whisper. Angel asks the obvious question, namely why she came in through the window. Buffy's face falls through a long pause. "Habit." Heh. He tells her that he had a bad feeling and wanted to check on her. Buffy snits that it's bad news as usual with him. Hurt, he turns away. That was cute again! What is wrong with me? Buffy apologizes and says she's been cranky all day, like, thanks for the news flash. He asks what's wrong, and she says it's a thing at school. Angel: "Career Week?" Buffy asks how he knew that. Angel: "I lurk." Hee. Buffy Dawns that it's a week of "What's My Line?" only she doesn't get to play, and that she wants -- say it with me if you know the words -- a normal life. Angel thinks he's part of the problem, but she assures him that he's the only thing in her life that makes sense. If I were Willow or Xander, I'd be offended that she thinks dating a vampire makes more sense than being friends with them, but who really needs friends, right, Little Miss I-Am-The-Law? She goes on that she wishes they were normal kids. Angel Dawns that he'll never be a kid. Buffy: "Okay then, a regular kid and her cradle-robbing creature-of-the-night boyfriend." Angel laughs, and he really does look good when he smiles. Aack! Where's my snark? I'm going to have to try some classical conditioning myself and smack my face every time I say something schmoopy about these two.

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