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What's My Line?, Part II

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Bad Daddies And Bondage Fun

Xander discovers a description of the Buggyman, and says that he can only be killed in his disassembled state. Turning to Cordelia, he explains, "Disassembled. That means when he's broken down into his little buggy parts." Cordy, obviously not in the same hemisphere as her game after snogging Xander, tries to come back by calling him "dorkhead." Giles holds his head. I feel you, Giles. Oh, shut up. Back in the office, Kendra is telling Buffy how different their lives are, and that she was taught that the things Buffy has and does, such as friends, school, and family, distract from the Slayer's calling. Amazingly, she doesn't mention "dating vampires" as one of the distractions, but I wouldn't blame the Council for failing to put that in the Handbook. They have to expect some common sense from these people, right? Okay, fine. I guess I need to buy a clue too. Buffy's fazed by the "family" mention, and Kendra explains that her parents gave her to her Watcher when she was very young, so young that she doesn't even remember them. She goes on that they did so because her "people" take the Slayer calling very seriously. Argh! Unless all her "people" are Watchers or Slayers, how do they know about the Slayer calling at all? They're "civilians," right? Anyway, Kendra catches a look on Buffy's face, and tells Buffy not to feel sorry for her. Buffy says that Kendra's life sounds very lonely. Kendra, polishing a knife, tells Buffy that emotions are a weakness, but Buffy demurs, and I won't make any Season Seven jokes here, because they'll just depress me. Kendra's like, that's great for you, but I prefer to have an even mind. Buffy, opening up her tackle box for a nice big lure, muses that that "explains it." She goes on that Kendra's a better technical fighter than she, with which Kendra agrees, but "I woulda kicked your butt in the end. And you know why? No imagination." Kendra starts polishing so quickly that the knife begs for mercy, and asks, "Really? Ya tink so?" Buffy gives her a patronizing lecture about going with the flow in a fight, but says that Kendra really does have potential. Thanks for slapping that continuity-free episode in my face, sugarplum. But since she brings it up, this "go with the flow" riff is the exact opposite of her bullshit speech to the SiTs in "Potential" about the need to plan every move. Kendra spits, "Potential? I could wipe de floor wichew right now." Buffy gets in her face and tells her that she's feeling anger, and that a Slayer needs that. Kendra stabs her in the heart with the knife. Well, not really, but that would have been a nice unforeseen consequence of Buffy's snotty lecture, don't you think? Anyway, Xander enters. As Kendra shyly bows her head, he grabs a book, compliments her knife, and leaves. Buffy notes this and asks Kendra about it. Kendra says she's not allowed to speak with boys. Buffy: "Unless you're pummeling them..." She has a thought concerning Willy. Kendra: "Ya tink he might help us?" Buffy: "I tink we might make him." Hee.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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