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What's My Line?, Part II

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Bad Daddies And Bondage Fun

Back to The Bedroom Of Bad Daddies And Worse Accents. Angel's chest is now approximately the same color as Tom Welling's cheeks. And it's no wonder I thought of Tom Welling, since I've seen him in approximately the same position that Angel's in now. Dru, having produced another vial of Poland Spring: Comin' To You Straight From Church, is about to continue the fun when Spike interrupts them, saying it's time to go. He distastefully says he's never been much for the pre-show, a comment ME apparently chose to forget in "Never Leave Me." Angel, perhaps getting a clarity and personality he normally lacks through pain, says that that's too bad, as it's what Dru likes best. Spike's as easy to hook as Kendra was, as he demands to know what that means, and Angel says to ask Dru. Dru's not forthcoming, playfully telling Angel to hold his tongue. Angel takes that opportunity to press further, and gets a very Angelus-like attitude as he says that Spike could use some pointers. "She likes to be teased." Spike tells him to shut it, but Angel taunts on, "The way she touched me just now? I can tell when she's not satisfied." Angel looks super-hot at this moment, I must say. Spike grabs Angel by the throat and picks him up, but Angel won't be deterred, saying that Spike and Dru don't have the fire that he and Dru had. Spike loses it and goes to stake Angel, but Dru stops him, which makes me think the craziness isn't always completely genuine, since she had the presence of mind to save her own skin there. After a long pause, Spike grins and compliments Angel on nearly fooling him. Don't flatter yourself, Spike -- it ain't that tough. "Aren't you a throw-himself-to-the-lions sort of sap these days? Well, the lions are onto you, baby." He says that Angel won't spoil Dru's ritual. Nor will he succeed in saving his "Rebecca of Sunnyhell Farms" from Dru. Dru says that the moon is rising, and she and Spike share a quick kiss with Spike's hand still around Angel's neck. This scene gives us some beautiful glimpses at both Angelus's future behavior and the Spike/Dru/Angelus group dynamic. Nice job all around.

Bar. Buffy throws Willy against the wall. Willy denies knowing where Angel is or where the ritual is scheduled to take place. Kendra: "Just heet him, Buffy." God, I love her. Buffy: "She likes to hit." Hee. Willy slimes that the location of the ritual is coming back to him, but that he'd have to take her there. Buffy's all, let's go, but Kendra wants to go back to Giles for orders. Buffy's like, not, because Angel could die. Kendra pointedly asks if that's all she's worried about, and opines that Angel clouds her judgment. "We can't stop this ritual alone." Buffy asks if she's listening, and repeats that Angel could die. Kendra, promo-style: "He's a vampire. He should die." Drum beat of Oh No You Di-in't! She continues, "Why am I the only person who sees it?" Buffy, not deigning to answer, leads Willy out. Kendra mutters under her breath. Another excellent scene. I should have seen the double-double-cross coming, but it hid behind the artfully set up dramatic tension. I watch that scene and still find myself caring about what's going to happen. Sigh.

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