Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What's My Line?, Part II

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Bad Daddies And Bondage Fun

Establishing shot of some church. Willy and Buffy enter. Willy: "Here you go. Don't ever say your friend Willy don't come through in a pinch." They turn a corner, and run straight into Cop Lady and a henchvamp. Willy: "Here you go. Don't ever say your friend Willy don't come through in a pinch." Eels watching the show get cold chills at how slippery Willy is. Buffy turns, but the Buggyman and another henchvamp are behind her. She looks wicked pissed.

Another church. Spike, in game face and holding a smoking golden incense burner on a chain, addresses "Elegor" and recites a ritual. We see that Angel, still shirtless, and Dru are tied together. You'd think Spike would have put a shirt on Angel after that little scene at the factory. Dru, who's wearing a formal (read: black) version of her nightie-like dress, repeats a few parts of the ritual in the most annoying way possible. Spike holds up the du Lac cross and pulls out its top part to reveal a knife. I'm sure it's being hawked on an infomercial right now. "Now how much would you pay? Don't answer yet! You also get this knife, perfect for draining your sire of his strength! Only $39.99!" Spike clasps one of Angel's hands to one of Dru's, and plunges the blade into the two. A bright light emanates from the knife and starts pouring into Dru's arm. Spike's very happy, but his face falls when Willy and the gang enter.

Willy demands the bounty for the Slayer, but Spike says he wanted her dead. Buffy's shocked to see the state of Angel. Spike sunnily says that it pains him as well, but since Angel will be dead in five minutes, he'll tough it out. "Don't feel too bad for Angel, though. He's got something you don't have." Buffy asks what that might be. Spike menaces, "Five minutes." Brr, it's cold in here! There must be some Old Spike in the atmosphere! Spike asks "Patrice," the Cop Lady, to do the honors, and she draws her gun. However, the door flies open, and Kendra comes back-handspringing into the pile, knocking them all down. When Spike gets to his feet, he wonders bemusedly, "Who the hell is this?" Kendra grabs him as Buffy tells him it's his lucky day. Kendra: "Two Slayers." POW! Buffy: "No waiting!" BAM! And, ha! Buffy rushes away as Kendra engages Spike. Buffy takes on Cop Lady, who has some metal spikes jut out from her sleeves, like, you'll need to lose a few pounds before you can get into the Batman suit, hon. A henchvamp gets to his feet on Buffy's right, but he's dusted by Giles's crossbow bolt from behind. Giles and Willow mix it up with the other henchvamp. Xander baits Norman, who pursues him. Three for three. Those fish are biting today. Xander goes through a door and closes it. On the other side, Cordy has dumped a puddle of liquid adhesive on the floor. Worms start to slide under the door, but these worms ain't checkin' out, if you know what I mean. Fighting. As the worms get stuck in the glue, Cordy and Xander stomp on them. Buffy knocks Cop Lady down as Spike gets in a particularly vicious combination, flooring Kendra. Buffy calls to her to switch opponents, and they do that thing where Buffy bends at the waist and Kendra rolls over her back. Even having taken two years of karate, I think that move's a little showy and inefficient, but still cool-looking. The same could be said about a lot of karate moves, if you want to know the truth. I should add, however, that the fighting in this scene is, for the most part, tight and realistic.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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