Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What's My Line?, Part II

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Bad Daddies And Bondage Fun

Kendra boots Cop Lady away. Spike says he'd rather be fighting Buffy anyway, and she reciprocates the sentiment. I hope she's not going to tell him in some later episode that she was just using him for martial-arts practice or something. Buffy kicks him to the ground. Cordy's spastically jumping up and down on the worms until Xander pulls her away, like, I know you're pretty thin, but I still think simply stepping on them will do the trick. It amuses me to consider, however, that she's taking out her revulsion at having macked with Xander on the worms. Buffy and Spike have a nasty exchange which ends with her throwing him across the room into a wall. He lands right near Willy, whom he grabs and asks where he thinks he's going. Buffy rushes to Angel and pulls the knife out. Willy makes some excuses, but Spike literally wants blood. However, Dru moans his name at that moment, and he lets Willy go. Spike rushes over, tosses Buffy aside, and clocks her in the face. Willy runs out as Willow scores her first vamp kill. Cop Lady gets Kendra on the defensive, and slashes her sleeve. Kendra gets mad: "That's me favorite shirt. That's me only shirt!" I'm annoyed that they're making out how Buffy taught Kendra such a valuable Slayer lesson, but I have to admit that was a very funny line. Anyway, Kendra arranges a date for Cop Lady with the floor. Spike grabs a torch off the wall and tosses it into some oily rags, which would of course be lying around in an abandoned church. The fire apparently cuts Kendra and the Scoobs off from his path, although I'm a little unclear on the juxtaposition of the people and objects in the room. Spike gathers Dru up in his arms, muttering that he hopes she got enough strength from Angel, and starts to flee. Buffy picks up Spike's incense burner, whips it around her head a couple of times, and lets it fly. It hits Spike squarely in the back of the head, knocking him and Dru into the organ, which collapses. Those things cause nothing but pain. Everyone looks on as Buffy and Angel share a tender gaze. Never mind that there's no way he would be conscious. He was barely conscious before he got the strength sucked out of him. Kendra rushes over to help Buffy carry Angel out, and I don't know what happened to that devastating wall of flame. Because without the wall, Kendra would certainly have been able to stop Spike from getting Dru out, no? Anyway, everyone bails.

Ah, the famous animal cracker scene. Oz gets a package out of the snack machine. Willow appears, and asks how his arm, which is in a sling, is. Oz: "Suddenly painless." Aw. Willow says she never thanked him, but Oz tells her he doesn't do thanks. He pulls out the monkey cookie and tells her that it's the only cookie animal that gets pants. Willow lights up. Oz: "You have the sweetest smile I've ever seen." Double aw. Oz goes on that the other animals must be jealous, and then does an impression of the monkey mocking them in a faux-French accent, leading to a "coup in the zoo." Willow asks if the monkey's French, and Oz tells her all monkeys are French. If the Typing Monkeys were here with me now, I think they'd take umbrage at that comment. And then I'd make fun of them in a faux-French accent. I've heard two stories about this scene; one, that Seth Green totally ad-libbed the whole thing about the monkeys, and two, that Alyson Hannigan had a dream wherein Seth said these things to her, so the writers worked them in. Whichever scenario is true, the scene is totally Oz. Elsewhere, Xander grabs Cordy in the hallway and says they need to talk. This bit is a total retread, so here's the short version: they fight, they get in each other's faces, overly dramatic music plays, they swap spit. Sound familiar?

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