Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What's My Line?, Part II

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Bad Daddies And Bondage Fun

Outside, Kendra thanks Buffy for the shirt she's wearing. She should give extra thanks that she's not wearing Buffy's current ensemble -- a brown leather jacket, lime green pants, and an absolutely hideous pink floral top with a royal blue stripe in the middle. Ouch. They go over the plan: Kendra is taking the passenger route home. They exchange some breeziness about the in-flight movie, and then Buffy sincerely thanks Kendra for helping her to save Angel. Now at her cab, Kendra smiles and says she's not telling her Watcher about that because it's too weird, but concedes that Angel is "pretty cute." Buffy jokes about not getting fired. Kendra seriously tells her that slaying isn't a job, but who she is. Buffy asks if she got that from the handbook, but Kendra says she got it from Buffy. Aw, if also "huh"? Buffy says she can't fight it, and that she's a freak, but Kendra tells her she's not the only freak. Unqualified "aw" this time. Buffy steps forward, but Kendra holds up a hand. "I don't hug." Ha! Buffy agrees that hugging is bad. They smile, and then Kendra gets in her cab and pulls away, leaving Buffy to look thoughtful. Then again, if I were her, I'd be thinking, "Did they have to take such a long closing shot of me looking like I just won the Color Blind Olympics?"

Church. The camera pans over some burnt wreckage to reveal an unconscious Spike, whose face and hair are covered in soot. Someone grabs his hand, and we see that it's Dru. She tells him not to worry, and pulls him up with one hand. "I'll see that you get strong again." She hoists him into her arms. "Like me." She starts to carry him out in front of the fakest-looking backdrop ever. And with sweeps coming up and Dru not in "Ted" or "Bad Eggs," it's time for the healing to begin for my poor, poor ears.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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