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What's My Line?, Part II

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Bad Daddies And Bondage Fun

Buffy and Kendra bust into Willy's. Kendra notes that there are no ashes in the cage, which means she didn't kill Angel. Buffy: "And I don't need to kill you." Look, Little Miss Me-ffet, she was just doing her job. You're the one who needs to do the explaining in this situation, so cram it into both ends. Willy appears in the supply closet doorway, noting the tension. Kendra knocks him to the floor for his trouble, saying she can feel that he's "dur-TEE." Buffy sarcastically compliments her on being "Percepto Girl," but points out that he can't divulge any information if he's unconscious. Buffy grabs Willy and demands to know where Angel is. After giving himself props for saving Angel, Willy says that he went underground to recuperate. Buffy asks if he's being honest. Willy: "I swear on my mother's grave! Should something fatal happen to her, God forbid." Hee. Kendra thinks they can return to Giles for orders, but Buffy says she does things her way. A disused copy of the Slayer Handbook nods its agreement. Kendra: "No wonder you died." Ha! Buffy says it's time to go, and Kendra rolls her eyes, further endearing her to me. Willy calls after them that they should consider high-class nude modeling. That gets the expected frosty looks. Mmm, Frosty. So chocolaty. So disgusting. They leave without taking Willy up on his offer. Just bad luck that Faith wasn't there, I guess.

Dru's asleep in her bed when Spike appears and strokes her hair. She says she was dreaming that they were in Paris, "and there were worms in my baguette." Hope those weren't extra. They charge for snails in France, you know. Spike says he brought her something, and tosses Angel into the room. He goes on that all they need is the full moon that night, and Angel will die and Dru will be fully restored. I only wish that the ritual were designed to cure her accent too. Between her and Kendra, my poor eardrums are getting "beech-slapped." Spike and Dru mack as Angel, bound and gagged, looks on. If this show were on cable, I'd expect some sort of three-way sadomasochistic sex scene here, but instead Dru asks Spike if she can "have" Angel until the moon; Spike agrees, but warns her not to kill him. He grabs Angel and brings him over to Dru, who says, "You've been a very bad daddy," and slaps him. Spike smiles widely. Boy, sometimes the fanfic writes itself, you know?

Giles, Kendra, Buffy, and Willow walk down the outdoor staircase at school. Giles tells Kendra that he's conferred with her Watcher, and they agree that until the matter with Spike and Dru is settled, she and Buffy should work together. Buffy snits, Kendra ignores. After a bit of rehash of stuff the viewers already know, Kendra suggests they stop Spike, but Buffy calls her "John Wayne," which prompts an interesting mental image, and snits (surprise, surprise) that it's more complicated than that. Giles fills Kendra in on Spike's hiring of The Order Of Taraka, and Kendra gets animated as she tells Giles that she's read about them in the writings of "Draemius." Buffy snottily asks how Kendra happened by this information, and when Kendra tells her it's from her studies, Buffy snits that she must have a lot of free time, which is rich from a girl who seems to go out seven nights a week, give or take. Kendra, who's exhibiting the patience of someone waiting for the Red Sox to win the World Series, says that she studies because it's required. "The Slayer Handbook insists on it." I giggled uncontrollably when this first aired, I remember. I mean, honestly, a handbook? What pearls of wisdom are contained therein? "Stake vampires. Obey your Watcher. Don't get killed." And so on. Buffy asks why she doesn't have a handbook. Giles: "After meeting you, Buffy, I realized that the handbook would be of no use in your case." Hee. I guess there's no chapter titled "Just Because You Occasionally Save The World Doesn't Mean It Revolves Around You." Buffy asks what's wrong with her case, and Kendra, walking in front of her, gives the camera another perfectly timed eye-roll. Hee!

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