Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What's My Line?, Part II

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Bad Daddies And Bondage Fun

Library. Willow is bandaging Buffy's knee as they fill Giles in on what happened. Xander and Cordy enter. Xander starts to spout about the Tarakan assassin they encountered, but he stops upon noticing Kendra. Giles gives him a very short version of what's happened so far this episode. Kendra looks very discomfited at seeing Xander. Could I like this girl more? He repeats that she's a Slayer, and "jokes" that he likes that in a woman. Open can, extract laughter. Kendra seems very nervous, and can barely get out a sentence. Giles then asks Xander what his assassin looked like, but Cordy pulls out a larva from somewhere in her dress, and runs off in a panic to shower. Xander: "Like that." Buffy points out that Xander has a thing with bug people. Well, it's only fair -- he bugs me enough. Thank you! Giles says he's glad everyone's all right, but points out that they're under serious attack. Buffy agrees that the Tarakans are serious, but spares a glance Kendra's way. "Fortunately for me, so is Kendra." Well, it's nice to know all she had to do was save your life to get you to give her more consideration than something you dug out of your ear, Little Miss Me-ffet. Giles informs everyone that he's discovered the remaining keys to Drusilla's cure: It requires the presence of her sire, and must take place in a church on the night of the new moon. Kendra exposits that the new moon is that night, and Giles realizes that the Tarakan assassins must be trying to prevent Buffy from stopping the ritual. Buffy, after a shocked pause, reveals that Angel is Dru's sire. Xander: Shut-up-worthy comment. Willow lightly smacks him. Get your weight into it, girl.

Buffy asks if the ritual will kill Angel, and Giles says yes, which is the worst news of all, since it's not like Spike would have killed him afterward anyway or anything. The gang starts to research where the ritual will take place. Willow reassures Buffy that they'll save Angel, but Kendra opines that their priority is to stop Dru. I admire Kendra's devotion to duty, but it seems obvious that the two goals go hand in hand here, as Buffy points out -- three guesses as to what I'm going to say next -- snittily. "Are you gonna help me or are you gonna get out of my way?" Kendra, with a dramatic pause, a cheek-suck, and an eye-roll: "I'm wichew." What chew talkin' 'bout, Kendra? Buffy: "Spike is going down. Nobody messes with my boyfriend." Geez, Buffy, is this project to eliminate Spike a ten-year undertaking? I'm surprised "municipal planner" wasn't one of your career aptitudes. Although Spike did technically "go down" in only four years, so good job there, I guess. ["Drummer, can we get a rim-shot? Thanks." -- Sars]

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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