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Where The Wild Things Are

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Where The Wild Things Are

Anya and Xander attempt to get to Riley's room again, but are menaced by the Weeds of Belabored Metaphor. Finally, by working together, they reach the door and I guess our little ghosties have gotten tired or maybe they realized they didn't have to be repressed anymore and went off to have a big orgy, because this time the door opens to show Buffy and Riley covered by a sheet, everything back to normal. "Xander!" shrieks Buffy, "Don't you knock?" We could ask the same of you, Buffy Pot. An overexerted Anya and Xander just exchange a look and turn around to leave.

Cut to the cafeteria, where we hear Buffy saying, "I just had no idea. It's so creepy. He was really singing?" Xander asks Anya to remind him to skip the mid-life crisis. Anya demurely agrees and gives Xander a pleased little look. Willow maintains that Giles's singing was "kinda sexy." Xander: "Please stop saying that. I'm willing to offer cash incentives." The rest of the episode talks about Buffy and Riley having sex, and after sitting through many more minutes of footage than was necessary, I don't feel compelled to write about it, except the little fact that Riley is happy that no one was hurt. Umm, if by no one you mean Xander, Anya, the kids who got an eyeful of glass, and scalped Julie, then I guess you're right, Riley.

So there you have it. Riley and Buffy rilly, rilly have chemistry, it was so foolish of me to doubt. Because Joss says so and Joss is never *cough* Adam *cough* wrong.

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