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Where The Wild Things Are

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Where The Wild Things Are

Anya, her hair done up in a poofy pony-tail, walks alone to Riley's frat party. As she rounds a corner, Spike leaps out at her, all vamped out, and shouts, "Aaah!" Anya screeches but as soon as Spike sees who it is, he un-vamps and flatly says, "Oh, it's you." Anya wants to know what Spike is doing and complains that he made her "yell really high." Spike's disappointment is dissipated by his realization that he scared Anya and he gets right up in her face, so close it look like he's going to kiss her (or at least that's where my mind went), and demands, "Gimme me money." Anya, her shock worn off, tells him she's not paying him and pushes him away. Spike insists that he's "robbing" her and Anya mocks him, saying she know he can't do anything because of the chip in his brain. She pushes by him, and he growls and grabs her arm, but she exasperatedly tells him he's "not even bumpy anymore." Spike feels his forehead and tries to get his game face back. Anya, her arms crossed, demands to know if he's actually successful at scaring people into giving him money and Spike happily replies that it "keep [him] in blood and beers." He add that he also is amused by frightening the humans, and when Anya snaps that she can see why he doesn't have any friends, he replies, "Look whose talking. I don't see Droopy Boy on your arm." Anya stares daggers.

At Riley's house, an incredibly dull-looking party is decidedly NOT raging. Buffy is standing with Willow, Tara, and Xander, and Riley is across the room with Forrest and Graham. As Forrest and Graham discuss Mason, the crispy critter, asking to go out on patrol, Buffy and Riley make googly eyes at each other. With his shiny dome sticking out of his high-necked turtle-neck sweater, Forrest looks like a penis. Graham attempts to speak to Riley but realizes that Riley's attention is elsewhere. Across the room, Xander is telling Tara and Willow about his ice-cream truck experience and indicates that Anya most likely won't be at the party because she was upset. What the hell was Anya upset about? She's such an albatross around Xander's neck. Xander asks, "Am I the crazy one?" and Buffy, too busy visually undressing her man-mountain, sweetly says, "Uh-huh." Willow figures out what going on, and telling Buffy that "someone" borrowed" her new peasant top and spilled something on it, she asks, "Still love me?" Buffy again says "uh-huh" and Willow smiles triumphantly. Obviously, mention of her wardrobe is more interesting to Buffy than mention of her friend's problems, and she suddenly tunes back in, asking, "What about my peasant top?" The gang affects incomprehension and explain that Xander was just talking about Anya. Xander muses that he's happy Anya no longer has her powers.

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