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Where The Wild Things Are

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Where The Wild Things Are

We're back for a brief visit to the porn set, where Buffy and Riley are still scalloping the potatoes, and then mercifully we're in the home of The Slayer, the Witch, and their Wardrobes. Tara, Willow, and Giles are setting up for some spell casting. Anya and Xander are rooting through the weapons chest; they decide on a machete and take off.

Outside Lowell House, Xander and Anya are waiting for the spell to take effect. Xander asks Anya what she's feeling; her reply is, "Sad, afraid of being without you and a little bit hungry." Xander clarifies he was asking about the house, and Anya, her ear pressed up against the door, informs him that it's still haunted. Back at Willow's, Tara is directing the spell. She calls on the spirits of Lowell to "come forth and be known to us." They do, and our gang is suddenly ringed by a circle of grim-faced children in greenish Halloween makeup from the 99-cent markdown bin.

Xander and Anya enter the house and see that the vines have taken over the stairs. They machete their way up their stairs. At Willow's, they try to soothe the spirits. Willow asks them to "transform [their] pain. Release [their] past and uh -- get over it."

At the top of the stairs outside Riley's room, Xander puts his hand on the knob that will lead him to a bigger knob, but as he does so the spirits at Willow's room become very agitated and a fierce wind blows. Tara implores them to "find here the serenity you seek." But the spirits throw the table across the room and disappear as the room returns to normal. At Lowell House, Xander is thrown on the floor and dragged into the bathroom by the ghosties. When Anya tries to follow him, she's thrown backwards against the railing and she falls to the living room below. She looks dead, but I'm sure I'm not that lucky.

Inside the bathroom Xander is struggling underwater as he's "baptized" by the spirits. Downstairs, Anya gets up, and with a determined look on her face she stumbles up the stairs. "Shut UP you repressed crybabies," she admonishes the shrieking spirits. I don't think they liked being called names, because the next thing you know Anya's hand is impaled with a giant thorn. I guess being a former vengeance demon makes you tough, because she just pulls it right out and forges onward. Xander is still struggling in the tub, and to make things more interesting we get the view with an underwater cam. Suddenly, instead of creepy apparitions, we see Anya looming above the tub, and although we have no idea how she got in the bathroom, she pulls Xander out of the water with ease. I hate to say it, but this is the best his hair has looked all season.

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