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Who Are You? (2)

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Who Are You? (2)

Back in the church, the head vampire is getting the better of Fuffy. He's got her trapped on a pew and is working her over saying, "I have strength you cannot dream of. Adam has shown me the way and there is nothing --" Poof he goes, dissolving into dust. There stands Baith brandishing a stake and staring intently at Fuffy. Oh how I wish it was Adam who had just been staked. The thought of having to listen to him drone on more this season makes me happy that Buffy is currently in reruns. Fuffy runs at Baith and pushes her onto the altar where they attempt to solve their problems with violence. And it's a particularly vicious fight with Fuffy getting off a lot of brutal and almost uncontrolled punches and kicks until Baith gets a good punch in and says, "You can't win this." "Shut up!" screeches Fuffy. "You think I'm afraid of you?" she asks as she shoves Baith to the ground. In a supreme act of self-loathing, Fuffy tells Baith that she's "nothing," "disgusting" and a "murderous bitch" to boot all the while vigorously punching Baith and slamming her head into the ground. Suddenly mid-punch Baith grabs Fuffy's hand and the Katra does its thing, putting everyone back into the correct body. Faith looks stunned and frightened and immediately rolls over and runs out of the church. Buffy does a pretty good job of looking simultaneously troubled and relieved. Poop. I was hoping Faith would stir more turds in this episode; you know, by messing with Xander and telling Riley about Angel.

Back in Riley's room, Riley is pacing as Buffy turns off the phone and puts it down. She tells Riley that Faith and the Council have both taken off to parts unknown. Riley sits heavily in a chair across the room and asks how this could have happened. "Magic," replies Buffy. Riley starts to beat himself up muttering about how he should have known. Buffy gazes at him with a growing realization dawning on her face as she says, "You slept with her." Riley clarifies that he slept with Buffy. Now, I'm not in any way a Riley defender, so you know it's true when I say that there's really no way he could have known, so it wouldn't be fair to blame him for it. Riley says that he would "like to get his hands on her." But quickly adds, "Not in a sex way." Buffy opines that Faith isn't coming back (and I hope that's not the case, I think she adds a lot to the show). Riley disparagingly says, "Yeah she's had her fun." Buffy says, "Yeah. Fun," in a pensive voice as the screen changes to superimpose an image of Faith, looking desolate, so there's no way we can miss the implication that being Faith is Not Fun. The camera pulls back to show Faith huddled in the corner of an empty livestock car going nowhere fast (or as fast as livestock cars go).

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