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Who Are You? (2)

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Who Are You? (2)

Willow reclines in Tara's hippie boudoir, wondering where Faith is, but obviously not concerned enough to be helping Buffy look for her, eh? Tara sits near her on the bed reading tarot cards and assures Willow that Buffy can handle Faith. Willow agrees but worries that Faith might try to hurt someone else. Tara says Willow is safe with her because no one knows of Willow's friendship with her and then passive-aggressives, "They don't even know I exist, right?" Willow looks concerned and puts her hand on Tara's leg. Tara stutters that it's better that no one knows about her and Willow tries to explain again that the Scooby gang has a dynamic that revolves around slaying. She insists she does want Tara to meet them but then admits she likes having something that's just hers. She asks if Tara understands and Tara says she does. Willow says she needs to check in with Giles and as she heads over to the phone, Tara says, "I am, you know. Yours," and gives Willow a smoldering look. Willow smiles.

Fuffy is in Buffy's room, adjusting her breasts in a little black tank. She's wearing leather pants (a sure give-away of evilness) and has her hair all wildly crimped (a sure give-away of wackiness to come). She surveys the whole package with approval and then starts to nose around in Buffy's desk, finding her passport. Next, we see Fuffy sitting on the bed, reading a credit card number into the phone. Apparently she has a flight to somewhere booked at 10:00 the next morning. Joyce enters the room and wonders what Fuffy is doing; she claims to have been just checking over her mail. Joyce tells her that Giles called on the other line and wants her to come to his place. Fuffy dismissively says, "I got some time to kill" and says she'll go see the gang. She then shows a lipstick to Joyce and asks if she can take it, but when Joyce notes the color is "Harlot", the same as Faith chose, Fuffy tosses it to her and snaps, "Burn it." Faith sure isn't very bright, is she? I wonder if that's the last we'll see of Joyce this season.

Baith groggily comes to in a moving police car. The cops are astonished that she's able to wake up so soon after being sedated. As the cops go through an intersection a huge red armored car pulls out in front of them, causing an accident. Two of the men we saw in Giles' apartment last episode hop out of the back of the armored car, packing serious heat, and drag Baith out through a window of the police car. One of them says, "By order of the Watcher's Council, you are being taken into custody until such time..." but the other guy tells him to skip it. They drag the groggy and moaning Baith into the back of the armored car, hop inside and slam the door. I have a number of not-nice comments about the sudden re-write of the Watcher's Council premise, but I'll save them for a little later.

Fuffy enters Giles's (again, no knocking or locked door) and surveys the room, saying, "The Scooby gang's all here. Willow, Xander, " she looks at Anya curiously, "and everybody." Did Faith ever meet Anya? I can't recall. Anya is wearing a godawful popcorn knit baby-blue too-tight sweater with tiny cap sleeves. It looks like an doll's dress that a grandma crocheted for a church fund-raiser, except she didn't size it correctly and it turned out too large, so she donated it to whatever skanky thrift-store the Buffy costume designers have been shopping at this season. Giles says he's called them there to talk about Faith and Fuffy says she "already kicked that ass." Xander congratulates her and when Willow wonders where Faith is, Fuffy tells her that the cops took her an hour ago. She then muses, "Poetic justice," and has to do some hasty covering by saying it's just "regular justice". Again, Faith = not too bright. Giles breaks the news that the police no longer have Faith, and that she was taken by a Watcher's Council "retrieval team." Fuffy mocks the Council and Wesley's last attempts to take Faith but Giles notes this time the Council sent a "special operations unit." They apparently handle the more difficult tasks for the Watcher's Council, including "wetworks."

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