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Who Are You? (2)

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Who Are You? (2)
Baith comes around in the back of the armored car, her arms and legs chained together. One of the Council thugs, Weatherby, sneers, "Well, it's awake" and when Baith asks who he is, he replies he's from the Council and they're taking her back to "the Mother Country" because she's "been a naughty girl." Baith tries to tell them that she's not Faith and is in fact Buffy Summers under some sort of body-switching spell. The burliest Council thug, who I'm going to call Terence, is impressed because no ones actually tried to give him that line before. Baith insists they must believe her and suggests that they call Giles. Terence reminds her that Giles isn't employed by the Council anymore and neither is Buffy Summers. He tells her she's just a package and he doesn't care what's inside. Weatherby says he does care and spits in Baith's face for perverting the nobility of the Council. Shah, whatever, Weatherby. So sad Buffy and Faith didn't respect your oh-so-manly, tweedy, tea-sipping, book-reading club. Baith, with the spit still on her face, sadly watches him jump out of the car and close the doors.

Willow and Tara walk into the Bronze, with Willow expositioning that she can't believe Tara has never been there before. She's telling Tara how the gang used to hang at the Bronze when they notice Fuffy across the room, encouraging some guy to "Chug! Chug! Chug!" his beer. Willow is surprised to see Buffy, but leads Tara across the room to introduce her. Fuffy greets Willow but doesn't recognize Tara and isn't sure if she's supposed to. When Willow introduces her, Fuffy is relieved that this is the first time they've met. When Willow tells Fuffy that she met Tara in her Wicca group, Fuffy just grunts, "Uh huh" and walks away. Willow and Tara follow after her with Willow inquiring what happened to patrolling. Fuffy sprawls on a sofa and says she needs to "let off some steam." Willow agrees that Buffy shouldn't work herself too hard and then leaves to fetch sodas. Fuffy watches Tara watching Willow leave and then leans forward with a mischievous look on her face. She inquires if Willow and Tara have been spending a lot of time together and when Tara replies in the affirmative, Fuffy smirks, nods her head knowingly and says, "Willow's not driving stick anymore. Who would've thought?" Tara looks at her wide-eyed. Fuffy inquires if Oz is "out of the picture" (again, Faith = not very smart. I can't believe she asks questions Buffy would obviously know the answer to) and when Tara confirms it, Fuffy needles her by saying that Willow and Oz were very in love and that Willow "couldn't get enough of old Oz." Tara is distressed by the conversation and stutteringly tries to explain that Oz left town. Fuffy mocks her stutter and Tara hangs her head in shame. Willow rushes up, drawing Fuffy's attention to a guy across the room, telling her that he's a vampire. Fuffy agrees that it's "wicked obvious" and lolls back on the couch. She then realizes what Willow expects of Buffy and says she'll go slay him. She stalks across the club, grabbing a pool cue on her way. Back with Willow, Tara still looks very sad and disturbed. Fuffy finds the vampire in a back room biting a girl. As the girl struggles and her cleavage jiggles Fuffy gets the vampire's attention. She quickly stakes him and tells the cowering girl, "You'll live." The girl grabs her hand and gratefully thanks her. Fuffy is affected by this naked gratitude but tells her "It's cool" and leaves. Back in the Bronze Willow rushes over to make sure everything is OK and a still-moved Fuffy tells her it is. Willow then explains that Tara doesn't feel well and she's going to walk her back to the dorm. Fuffy, recovering, smirks, "You give her whatever she needs." Willow then asks if Fuffy will be back to their room later, or if she's going to see Riley. Fuffy smirks.

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