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Wild At Heart

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Wild At Heart

Buffy is collecting her paper after Psych class (apparently, the only class she and Willow have this semester) when Professor Hardass stops her to commend her on her work and to tell her that she'd like Buffy to lead a discussion group next class. Buffy is sporting an ugly bandanna look that I saw last on my mother when she was cleaning house in 1978. Willow approaches wearing one of her trademarked hiddy shirts, and I have to admit that I often don't even notice Willow's clothing anymore because it's always so uniformly bad. Willow expresses jealousy because Buffy scored better on her Psych paper than Willow did. After the shock of being academically jealous of Buffy wears off, Willow gives her a congratulatory hug. Willow sure is a good friend. Buffy tells Willow that she was asked to lead a discussion group, and there is a second minor jealous flare-up from Willow. Buffy realizes that leading a discussion group just means more work, and she suggests that Professor Hardass needs a better reward system. Cookies, for instance. What is the deal with Buffy and cookies? Just eat one, for God's sack. Willow mentions that she's meeting Oz at the cafe and entices Buffy to come along with the promise of a cookie.

Outdoor cafe. We see Veruca sitting alone at a large table, eating a hamburger and fries. Oz wanders by looking for an empty table and Veruca invites him to sit. I love Oz's vast collection of t-shirts, so I'll mention that he is wearing a red t-shirt with a silkscreen of Ziggy Stardust. Oz mentions offhandedly that Veruca has a big lunch and she somewhat snappishly replies, "I like to eat. I hate chicks that are like, 'Does that have dressing on it?'" ["I know that line was intended to make Veruca sympathetic to the rest of us 'chicks,' but it didn't work." -- Sars] Oz agrees and they settle in to talk music. Willow approaches and sees Oz and Veruca talking. She looks upset, but gathers herself together and approaches their table. After she sits down, there is an uncomfortable silence until Oz and Veruca start discussing amps again. Willow mistakenly believes that they are discussing Elvis songs and enthusiastically gives her opinion. During this scene, Veruca alternately ignores and mocks Willow. Man, I'm feeling really sorry for Willow right now. I know what it's like to inadvertently make a fool of yourself in front of your boyfriend and the girl who has set her sights on him. Oz abruptly announces that he has to leave and stands up. Gosh, couldn't he have said "we" need to get going? Oz is usually pretty perceptive, and I wouldn't expect him to need a diagram, or even a blurry watercolor, to realize that Willow probably doesn't want to sit and make small talk with Veruca. After a moment Veruca heads out too, with a parting shot of "good shirt" to Willow. Shut up, Veruca. Only Sep and I are allowed to poke fashion fun in these parts. Buffy arrives as everyone else is departing and wonders if she caused them to leave. Aaah, there's that self-centeredness that we've been missing this episode. I knew you wouldn't let me down completely, Buffy. Willow tells Buffy that it is her own fault because she doesn't speak "musician-ese" and she asks Buffy why she didn't tell her that her shirt looks "like a crazy birthday cake." Heh. Thanks for making my job easier, Willow. Buffy says that she thought Willow's look was intentional. Perhaps Buffy kept mum about Willow's shirt to get back at Willow for not telling her how awful that head-rag looks. Willow discusses her concerns about Oz with Buffy, and Buffy reassures her that in a few days it will all blow over. Unfortunately we know that's not true because Buffy uses the word "absolutely" and we've learned in earlier episodes that particular word has an alternate, opposite meaning in the Buffyverse.

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