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How A Young Lady Should Do Things

Lisa gathers the girls up and hands out their numbers; Boo excitedly points down at her shoes, in line, rewarding Sasha with a smile. Michelle and Fanny gets situated at the end of the garden, drinking chardonnay and watching the groups head inside.

Michelle: "Ooh, first group's going in! You got Boo and Sasha in that one, exciting..."
Fanny: Begins drinking. Long day ahead.

Michelle: "I forgot to ask you about Floyd..."
Fanny: "What about him? He did okay on the floor."
Michelle: "Fix anything else?"
Fanny: "There's nothing else that needed fixing."
Michelle: "Next morning, he got off okay?"
Fanny: "He got off just fine, Michelle. Pour the wine."

Michelle, come on. Just come the hell on. Not in the daytime.

Michelle: "Big day for Boo, huh?"
Fanny: "And all of them. This is such a wonderful experience, just to dance. And be seen. It doesn't matter what happens. It only matters that they're here."

Boo immediately runs up, having been cut.

Michelle: "Oh, honey..."
Fanny: "Ray-Ray, get the Box."
Ray-Ray: "Roger!"
Boo: "Really? The Box?"
Fanny: "You were not cut. No one cuts one of my girls that fast."

She puts a wig on Boo's head and sends her the hell back inside.

Boo: "This was made for a ... much smaller head..."
Fanny: "For Swan Hilda, in my 1996 Coppelia. Girl had a head the size of a peanut. Now, you're Trina from Simi Valley if anyone asks. So get in there, and show them what what Trina's got."

Michelle: "Well. That was crazy."
Fanny: "It's not crazy, it's the point of being in a competition. To compete."
Michelle: "But they had just seen her..."
Fanny: "They did not 'see' her."
Michelle: "They saw her, and they cut her."
Fanny: "They did not see her."

Trina immediately runs up, having been cut.

Boo: "Well, Trina got cut."
Michelle: "Oh, honey..."
Fanny: "Ray-Ray, give me your legwarmers."

She puts another wig on Boo's head -- this one kind of horrible looking -- and sends her the hell back inside.

Fanny: "If anyone asks, say you live on a farm. Legwarmers, put 'em on."
Michelle: "This is like being backstage at The Carol Burnett Show..."

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