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How A Young Lady Should Do Things

Michelle: "If there's any extra storage nooks or crannies that I could temporarily put some of this stuff in, that would be..."
Fanny: "No nooks, no crannies. I don't want the Joffrey people accidently opening a door and the end table from Blue Velvet lands on their heads. Silencio. Make it disappear. Like your David Copperfield -- that's a Vegas reference for ya. You know how David Copperfield makes stuff disappear?"
Michelle: "No. He guards his secrets."

Other people not interested in Michelle's problems: The mob of moving guys, who won't take any amount of money to fix her mess. Also most of the ballet class, who will come upon Michelle in the morning dorking around in her underwear, causing her to do a very funny backwards dance into the guts of her guesthouse and start thinking about curtains.


But first, this part which is kind of sad, kind of a sad way to start things off. Boo's mom, you know how she's so great? But you know also how the thing that makes you awesome is the thing that makes you suck? Boo's dragging her mom around the Farmer's Market looking for healthy options, and her mom -- her supportive, caring mother we love -- keeps trying to get her to pick up less healthy options, and saying incredibly fucked up things like "It's more fun when we eat stuff together" and "You are perfect just as you are" while trying to get her to put down the radishes and pick up the kettle-corn.

I know a lot of people jumped on board the food issues thing when it kept coming up in the pilot, but I had no idea it was going to go here. I think that's great, but it's also kind of tricky. You can get in over your head plenty quick when you politicize your burdens this way -- somehow believing in yourself and your own personal beauty gets tipped off the ledge and it starts being other people's problem. That they are somehow oppressing you because they don't think what you want them to think, which means somehow you've turned your own empowerment into victimhood. And that's the opposite of strength.

Is Boo perfect just as she is? Yes. But the second that becomes other people's issue, you've lost the point. It's like declaring your sexual autonomy and still needing social validation for it. You can't be a slut and a good girl at the same time, but you can opt out of the entire conversation because "slut" is a meaningless concept. You can't be a big girl and a bikini model at the same time, but you can stop waiting for validation from the outside world that's never going to happen, and start building yourself real strength from the inside.

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