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How A Young Lady Should Do Things


Sasha approaches Boo, full of conversation, desperate to get her back; Boo is not having it.

Sasha: "...And we saw Michelle in her underwear?"
Boo: "Wow."
Sasha: "Uh, sorry to bother you?"

Advantage Boo.


I can't be having any Rico this week, so we'll just hit the basics; Fanny is having him cater the auditions and Truly is there to be weird with her staring eyes.

"Simple sandwiches. Nice variety, and small. These are for ballerinas and their moms, no Dagwoods."

(I didn't know this was a thing other people's families said, the Dagwood sandwich joke. That makes me very happy.)

"Now, the salads. I need you to dress them lightly. Last year it was as if you waterboarded them."

Rico: "How much are these people gonna eat?"
Fanny: "Rico! How are you ever going to make it as a caterer with that sort of attitude?"
Rico: "I'm not trying to make it as a caterer?"

At some point, Fanny gets a call from the Joffrey to expect a fax, which is a thing I just looked up on Wikipedia. It's short for "facsimile," and it's a device they used to use to send pictures of pieces of paper to each other. Paper was this stuff made from wood pulp that they used to write and print things on, and then send pictures of it back and forth to each other on facsimile machines, which used telephone lines. Telephone lines were these wires that connected everybody's houses together so that you could send pictures of pieces of paper back and forth to each other, or have disembodied "phone" conversations. Those were like texting, or talking to a person in real life, only it was super boring, and they took forever, and you couldn't see the other person's face, and you had to just sit in one place staring at nothing until the person was done talking and went away again. I do not miss any of these things, but in particular I do not miss the last thing.


Fanny: "Five days! Five days? Five days. Five days."
Michelle: "What is happening now?"
Truly: "Joffrey sent what's called a 'fax.'"
Michelle: "Okay. Hey, is there a reason my toilet stops working every day at 11:30?"
Fanny: "This is the worst possible moment to be talking about your toilet."
Michelle: "Of many. What's wrong, girl?"
Fanny: "The Joffrey has sent a fax. Their bomb-dropping vehicle of choice. They're cancelling the auditions."

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