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How A Young Lady Should Do Things

Michelle: "She lost her shit in the studio. It was incredible and scary."
Truly: "I mean, she's hosted them for so many years..."
Michelle: "She's done it. It's time to relax. Plus the money, I mean, she pays for all these improvements on the property, so she's actually losing money on the thing... And bottom line, it's about the girls. This is for them."

Truly: "Wrong. Can I say something? You know Fanny's story? She started dancing at four, en pointe at nine, won her first competition at ten, invited to dance at Ballet de Russe de Monte Carlo at sixteen. Fanny was a professional at an age where you and I were mastering the curling iron and writing fan letters to Jason Priestley. Fanny could have gone anywhere she wanted to go. Then she fell in love, got pregnant. She was gonna go back, but she never did. She gave it up. So this studio, these girls, her teaching? Her business, her reputation? This is all she has."

That is not enough. But in this case, at least, it makes up Michelle's mind. Because that's her story, too. Except where Fanny has the studio, the girls, the teaching, the business and the reputation, she has not even that. A dead man's guesthouse and somebody else putting up her curtain rods.


As Sasha pilfers some cash from her horrible mother's purse, Michelle is dreaming. It's Foster's first real musical number on the show, "Me & My Baby" from Chicago, and for those who like that kind of thing it is definitely the kind of thing that you like. In the dream, it's an audition for that one fella from the first episode, which was the last thing that actually really happened to her before she fell into Paradise, and I guess because she pinned her very last hope on him it still hurts. But she's also Boo, tonight, and Fanny, and all the Michelles she didn't get to be.

As far as I can remember, this is the song that's all about what a liar Roxie Hart is, but there's all the baby talk in there too, from earlier, about Hubbell and his brother and how Fanny had to change her life around. I don't know, we go back to it at the end of the episode again so I feel like maybe there's something going on that we don't see yet.

What the dream does to her tonight, though, is send her back to the studio, alone, by night. The middle of the night being the perfect time to get things done, when all the noises of the day have dissipated, and you can look at all the pictures of Fanny's life and realize hers was unexpected too.

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