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I Have [sic] Living

Black Man: "I think you mean, How do you do, my name is Michelle. My name is Michael. I am Fanny's side piece."

Michelle: "[Inane joke about the name Michael.]"
Michael: "You are a riot! Fanny said you were really smart and quick."
Michelle: "Okay, now I know something is up. That old bitch hates me."
Michael: "Maybe it's because you sneak into her kitchen when you think she's out of town. Now, why don't you come eat eggs with us?"
Michelle: "In Fanny's bedroom?"
Michael: "No, you fucking freak. In the dining room."

Michelle babbles for a while and then shows Michael a banana, because it is shaped like a penis. And scene.


All the girls stand around a laptop saying the usual clichés about Ginger Rogers -- "she did everything he did but in heels and backwards," that kind of thing -- and talking about how much cooler in was in the screwball days when everybody was clever and talked really fast and thinks made a basic kind of sense. Under the near constant onslaught of Melanie's bitchiness, Boo dances with that random Bunhead from the thrilling open and nearly drops her.

Random Bunhead, for no reason: "This is a rough business!"
Sasha: "You bitches are talking in total clichés."
Boo: "My feelings are hurt or something."
Sasha: "I don't care."

Fanny bashes the dance floor downstairs, and all the girls come running. I guess we've been watching this show for long enough that we can take a quick break for Sasha to dance with a cute guy for no reason for about ten minutes. Right? All that narrative momentum and all, I guess we've earned it.

Boo: "That was great, Jordan!"
Jordan: "Bitch, I know that."

Fanny: "Don't welcome me back, I am always here. Now listen: we're starting show season. Summer is the most performances, including our Usuals and the Ventura County Arts Fair. But first, it's an opening for a new gourmet place."
Ginny: "What about that Art Institute beach party we always do?"
Fanny: "This year, they're doing cheerleaders instead."
Melanie: "5, 4, 3..."
Fanny: "The fuck is cheerleading, anyway? Squatty girls with tree trunk thighs. Maybe their grand finale can be a chicken pecking out a tune on a piano."

Sasha reveals her tanlines to Fanny in a sassy fashion, waiting for Fanny to get up her ass about it. Fanny obliges.

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