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I Have [sic] Living

Fanny: "Wearing a bathing suit in the sun? During show season? Why, we can never cover that with costuming. Didn't I tell you the theme is pale vampires?"

In response, Sasha does a sexed-up yet dreamlike routine to "The Sun (Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas)," but Fanny remains unswayed. Sasha apologizes with something less than total sincerity because this is all ludicrous, and just like that Boo gets to dance the Ginger Rogers dance of something somewhere one of these days, which is usually Sasha's dance. Even though Sasha wanted exactly this kind of self-annihilating drama to occur, she is still blamflasted by things going exactly how she wanted them to go.


Michelle: "Fanny! I've been wandering aimlessly ever since I acted completely disgusting in your kitchen. And now I've found you, and I can't wait to chat."
Fanny: "Did you not water my garden plants while I was gone?"
Michelle: "I kill plants, you don't want me helping you."
Fanny: "I'm going to teach you to deadhead peonies so this doesn't happen again. You can't trust the gardeners. Also, we're going to a play in LA together later."
Michelle: "Oh, is this you acting totally cool and making me feel welcome and loved? Guess I'd better shit all over it."

Michelle shits all over it.

Fanny: "Whatever, just act normal. The play is called 'Blank Up, It's Time' because they can't say the vulgar word in there."

Michelle goes through her mental list of filthy words, earning a hilariously scornful look from Fanny, but can't come up with anything. This goes on for a while.

Michelle, nudging: "You're not taking anybody else special?"
Fanny: "I took Ellen Greene to Sound Of Music once. She hummed off-key to every song, and ended up so confused she was rooting for the Nazis."
Michelle: "I meant your man friend? Michael? The man you've been hiding from me?"
Fanny: "He likes musicals, but not plays. We're good friends. He's a pianist -- he blows through town and we hang out. He's wonderful. It's casual."
Michelle: "Fine! I approve!"
Fanny: "Blank up, I don't give a blank."


The Bunheads walk backwards out of the conference -- "to create the illusion that we're actually walking in" -- and then discuss what to do with their day.

Ginny: "I have a prescription I need to pick up. If my mom does it, I'll never see 'em."

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