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I Have [sic] Living

Fanny: "Could work. You got twenty minutes."

And scene. ABC Family! It's a new kind of family! A horrible one.

After this scene, there is an advertisement for bright pink Girl Legos. They're just like human Legos, but pink! And they come right after a blowjob joke!


Michael fusses about Fanny's piano and they cutely fight about that, and then Fanny points out her various Bunheads, none of whom have names.

Fanny: "Boo, you need to start practicing with your Fred."
Eternally Hapless Boo: "Jordan's here?"
Fanny: "He is gayer than springtime, you foolish girl. But also, he dropped out because you make him look fat. Now you're dancing with Carl."
Boo: "Carl? Gross! He is adorable! Short and he talks just like me. Why whatever will happen between us?"
Carl: "Also a Jew."
Boo: "Great."

Boo: "Madam Fanny, are you sure about Carl? He's really short."
Fanny: "Crouch a little."
Boo: "Backwards in heels?"
Fanny: "We'll just have him jump around more. Quit it."
Boo: "Can I call Jordan and bug him about whatever his excuse is? Hopefully somebody died in his family."
Fanny: "Listen, you ungrateful little beast. He's in love with ballet, more than anybody else. He's the you, Jordan is a bitchy cunt like Sasha. He's wonderful. Get your ass together."
Boo: "This will be a trainwreck."
Fanny: "Listen. It's nice to give the unexpected person a shot, huh? Hear what I'm saying?"


Bunheads: "Short people!"
Ginny: "Even I hate him for being short."
Boo: "Let's be awful, nasty people."
Bunheads: "Done."
Ginny: "He reminds me of a dog, not a person. Also Baby Huey."
Boo: "I was supposed to be Ginger Rogers!"
Bunheads: "No, you idiot. You were a punishment for Sasha. Now you're just drunk with power and acting as horrible as the rest of us."


Fanny and Michael are yelling about the White Sox when Michelle just lets herself the fuck on in.

Fanny: "Don't bother asking. She doesn't follow any sport. Pathetic."
Michelle: "I follow the Kardashians, that's a sport."
Fanny: "Awful."
Michelle: "Your choice. Obnoxious interjections or I leave?"

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