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I Have [sic] Living

They don't bother with an answer; she leaves them flirtily and comfortably arranging tomorrow together. It is sweet. I hope Michelle sticks her stupid face in there.


Carl: "Bettina! Bettina! Those are my parents, they don't make love much."
Boo: "Don't look at me, don't talk to me. You are short."
Carl: "I am even more pathetic than you are!"
Boo: "It gives me the opportunity to mistreat someone less fortunate than myself. For the first time in my existence."

Adorable Carl helps her bus tables and talks a blue streak and brings water to a sassy biker, who finds him charming... and then suddenly Boo also finds him charming. Perhaps it is his timely references to, um, Stewie Griffin. Whatever calms Boo down so she goes back to being the only likeable person on the entire show -- to the extent that her doormat routine is all that likeable -- I support it. I mean, perhaps we will see him again. Perhaps we won't. Perhaps this episode will skip forward five years in time and we will never even see the Ginger Rogers dance. Almost certainly we won't be seeing Carl after this episode. And then you got Digger the Director and Michael and it's all just... investing in any of these people is impossible. Say what you will about the experimental nature of this bizarre show, but actually giving a shit? Only one way to do that.


Michael: "Michelle! Come out to the gazebo and have breakfast with us! It'll be weird and sexy."
Michelle: "Yeah, I'm sorry I called you kinky the other morning. Please don't keep bringing it up."
Michael: "I'm going to get coffee. Don't get kinky while I'm gone!"

Michelle: "I like him, where did you meet?"
Fanny: "A dirty jazz club! Where else do black people come from?"
Michelle: "Wow, lady. Okay, well, beyond this yucky conversation, why don't you lock that down? He's great!"
Fanny: "It is permanent."
Michelle: "No I mean, it's been going on forever. Why not..."
Fanny: "We thought about getting married, and then Hubbell trashed the place. He was about ten. I am the worst parent in the universe, so..."
Michelle: "No complaints here."
Fanny, verbatim: "He's quite a troubadour, you know. Doesn't even own a house."
Michelle: "You're kind of his house."

She's kind of everybody's house, apparently. For somebody who got stuck in one place a long time ago, she does show a preference for vagabonds. There's a tenor underlying this conversation though that seems to suggest Fanny's only treating Michelle like a human being because she's under a sex spell of some kind, and once Michael leaves she and Truly are going to start ganging up on her again. So maybe Michelle should just shut up. Maybe generally, Michelle should just shut up, but specifically too about this.

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