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Nothing But Precisely Sitting

(The girls are called upon to flash Fanny's PE exemption note, which seems to be something that happens every day but in this particular case is explained using many words.)
Sasha: "Why don't you just use an iPad?"
Melanie: "Tried to. He couldn't grasp the concept of it. He just got angry and thought I was making everything up."

Ginny appears to translate the school's garbled public announcement system, and give the girls the bad news. The running joke here is glib -- they can't say "dead," too real, so they waste a lot of time making faces, waiting for the shoe to drop for Melanie, and then debating whether or not the faces get the point across -- but more than that it's unfunny and takes forever. It's very first-draft. The kind of thing, God willing, that will a month from now engender a lot of "finally hitting its stride" talk in the webosphere. But I can't help noting that this is the second week in a row that "maybe in a month this will come off better" has been the go-to explanation, which is in itself more worrisome than the things it's talking about. Small issue, I suppose, but it niggles because this is a show about communication, about rapid-fire hilarious dialogue and the sudden intimacies it can create, so a failed joke with that very premise is disappointing.


Needs a tent. She's yelling at people on the phone about a tent, is unable to get a tent, and finally deigns to notice Michelle's stubborn insistence on existence.

Fanny: "You'd think there'd be one 24-hour tent company somewhere in the world. If for no other reason, just for novelty's sake."
Michelle: "Why? Why a tent?"
Fanny: "I don't do funerals, they're about death and I don't really believe in death. I do memorials. Overblown Buddhist memorials with incense and candle and lilies and pansies and roses and violets and... Don't you think the feat of returning to the world in a new form deserves a great party? It's going to rain tomorrow, though, so we'll push it to Sunday. Jesus can just share."
Michelle: "He's put up with worse, so..."
Fanny: "Of course we could do Monday in a pinch."
Michelle: "Do you... Want coffee? I think you might be going crazy."
Fanny: "People are going to bring food. Casseroles, lasagna, ham. Someone always brings a ham. What they should really bring is some Valium and a shrink! Gallows humor!"

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