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Nothing But Precisely Sitting

Worrying over whether or not your emotions are valid is a great way to avoid them altogether, but it's a pointless exercise, whatever they are: Your emotions are already valid.


The Spanish teacher is giving one charming youngster the nines about addressing her in Spanish, so that when Sasha shows up to get Boo out of Spanish, the kid gets to remind the teacher to address Sasha in Spanish. It's cute, it gets us into the next scene.

Sasha: "I don't know if you've heard the tragic news, but the son of our beloved ballet teacher, Fanny Flowers, was in a terrible car accident last night. I did hear. I'm so sorry. Madame Fanny's been like a surrogate mother to us. All of us. Especially Boo. I don't know if she's heard -- the PA system in this school is so sub-par..."

As an arc, the obvious self-absorption of Sasha's response is already telegraphing itself as to what's to come. It's snarky and off-putting in a way that is marvelous. But since we only know Sasha as the horrible one, since the only words that have ever come out of her mouth besides the whole "gay dad" storyline have been horrible words, she's going to have to earn this bullshit with a whip-cracking 180. Her sudden empathy is going to have to be impressively dramatic to justify the scaffolding we're building around it. And basically, it is and it does, but I was just reminded now in thinking about the episode how heartless she comes off, for much of it, and how lovely that can be when it works out.

Because what Sasha wants -- what she's gathered the four of them together to do -- is skip school and go see the new Mark Wahlberg movie, Vengeance Walking.

Sasha: "Head down, look sad. Popcorn's on me. Go."


Has friends: A couple interchangeables (as yet) and then Ellen Greene, the odd woman out, the Boo of the crew, the crew's Boo, all Sookie St. James silliness and hauntingly sweet eyes. What a lovely woman she is.

Fanny: "...Well it's official, the people in the tent-rental industry are very unpleasant. The only company that can get me a tent to hold 100 people by Sunday said all of their tents are white canvas. White canvas. No one in the world wanted pink, or blue? I asked them how much to dye a tent and they laughed at me. Like I'm Ellen. And I forgot to invite the Garden Club. I'm inviting most of the town, and they are in the town, so that brings the head count up by 20. Maybe I should forget a tent and think about a theater. I'll put that on the Possible list. Oh, and here, I printed up a list of Buddhist memorial traditions off the Internet. There are some chants you should learn."

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