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Nothing But Precisely Sitting

Friend: "Ah. Finally a chance to use my high school Tibetan."

Greene: "I remember years ago when the husband of a friend of mine died. My entire Wiccan group went down to the ocean at midnight, sang a song, threw our clothes off, joined hands and ran into the sea. It was really beautiful."
Fanny: "There'll be kids there!"
Greene: "They can wear floaties?"
Friend: "You were in a Wiccan group?"
Greene: "Well, I was living in Vancouver. I didn't ski, so."

Good stuff. Fanny starts in on how they have to wear traditional white robes and headbands -- "We'll look like a cult, or a karate class!" -- and then suggests scarves, or capes, and then they talk about the capes, and it's just exhausting. I like these new ladies, but I'm not sure they're what's called for here, because Fanny and her train of thought are not really on speaking terms at all. Maybe Michelle should dose the refreshments with Adderall or something. As it is, she's still working on being invisible. She goes to the studio and tries to do her dance again, the one that made Fanny love her, secretly, but it's not working. She's a ghost, you can see through her.


Very annoying dialogue attends the young ladies as they return for ballet class -- on the off chance that Fanny will pull it together -- and then they have a big fight about Boo's belief that they are all going to Hell.

Ginny: "Long as I don't have to run there."
Boo: "Madame Fanny's son dies and what do we do? We watch Mark Wahlberg blow up France for two and a half hours."
Melanie: "It was a long movie."
Sasha: "Wake up, Boo! We live in Hell. The worst that can happen is we go to Carpinteria."

Which I guess is a pointer as to where Paradise is fictionally located within CA. Anyway, it's not a great scene, the girls aren't doing wonders with the dialogue and it's intermittently annoying as it is, and the rest of the ballet class is there and even less practiced with the dialogue, and it's all whatever. Is Fanny going to come teach class? Of course not. They talk about the horrible urban legend mythic details of Hubbell's death -- which would surely strike down any of the three women in his life, were they to overhear these girls, which is the point -- and Boo finally nails it: "Everyone in this room is horrible." I liked these few digressions very much, though:

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