Inherit The Wind

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An Act Too Often Neglected


All the clocks strike at once, in the morning, with their ruff-ruffing and bong-donging, and a zombie of a Michelle goes looking for food. I guess all the condolence things got eaten at the memorial. She deals with scary cookie jars, and finds a "pre-War" box of Triscuits or something. No food for Michelle.

Out in the yard, Melanie's snapping pictures of the girls' feet, because they are in an ugly-feet competition with other ballet schools in the area.

Michelle: "Is this a new internet thing I'm happy to be too old to know about?"
Ginny: "This one school has a ringer, a girl with a shrunken toe in the middle of her foot. A nub where it should not be."
Melanie: "That's not ballet, that's DNA. Cousins makin' babies. But it's so gross they always win anyway. Boo, pop that blister right now."
Michelle: "Okay, text me the winner? I like things that are weird, so."
Ginny: "Cool, because we already have your phone number. Everybody in town does."
Michelle: "What an unnecessary, nonsensical joke to make."
Sasha: "My big toenail just came off!"


Fanny: "I was craving some tea but I don't have a teapot so I found this rusted teapot under the sink from the house's previous owners and I thought if I didn't fill it up all the way or let it come to a full boil, I could have enough hot water to at least give myself lockjaw from this rusty tea kettle and then I thought, well, what about water. I could tap a line into the municipal water supply and get water that way, or suck it up out of potholes..."
Michelle: "Fanny."
Fanny: "But just this once, I thought maybe I'd just give you a dime..."
Michelle: "Fanny, no."
Fanny: "A quarter, then."
Michelle: "This kind of shit is going to be funny for about ten minutes, but the real secret is no matter how long you're awful to me, your son is still going to be dead. So have at it."
Fanny: "Kelly Bishop brings me to life, you see. So even when I am acting like no human being has ever acted, or would ever act, or in a million years anyone will ever behave, you can still kind of dig on it. Now, about that partial cup of rusty tea..."

Fanny: "My son has thrown me to the wolves!"
Michelle: "There are no wolves in this part of California."
Fanny, verbatim: "How cocky being land-rich has made you."

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