Inherit The Wind

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An Act Too Often Neglected


The car dies after a while, so Michelle pulls onto an unmarked road and calls for a tow. What follows is unfortunate, but essentially the unmarked road is "just known" to be a private road, and he can't trespass on the private road to tow her away. This conversation is repetitive and epically pointless. Then a cop comes, and the same thing happens again, only with the cop. In the end, Michelle dares the cop to come get her on the other side of the unmarked property line, and it's cute only because Michelle is cute and for no other reason.


This is the best bit of the episode. Sitting in the back of a cop car, back from the commercial break, with Fanny loving every minute but not allowed to admit how much.

Fanny: "Well! This must be some kind of record for you, three days in a new town and you're already handcuffed in the back of a police car."
Michelle: "I'm zip-tied? Not handcuffed."
Fanny: "Oh. Is there a difference? There's so many interesting things I can learn from you!"

"You do not live here," said the Fox. "What is it that you are looking for?"

Michelle: "This is beyond ridiculous. I have rights!"
Fanny: "If I were you, I'd keep that sentiment to myself. Come on, I 'sprung' you. Is that the proper lingo?"

They get out, and Michelle immediately heads back up the private road, past the car.

Fanny: "You're just lucky I swing dance with the Police Chief..."
Michelle: "I gotta get Hubbell's car back."
Fanny: "You just got arrested for doing what you're doing again."
Michelle: "Well, fortunately, my mother-in-law swing dances with the Police Chief."


Ginny & Melanie: "Boo, please join our sleepover crew. We get bored of each other!"
Boo: "I have shit to do. I can't be there to chaperone your weird lesbian jokes."
Ginny & Melanie: "For now. For now, they're jokes. Besides, you can come crush on the insanely Canadian brother some more."
Boo: "I have had my fill of that. And I'm a bit self-conscious about him today."
Ginny & Melanie: "Sasha is so awful. Sometimes we fantasize about killing her. You know, it's the usual thing to have one mean girlfriend in high school, but even topping out the quota she's still pretty intense."
Sasha: "I am standing right here listening to this whole thing."

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