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The King In Yellow

Michelle: "My last check from that show we were in? How meaningful. Because I still haven't accepted that I've lost my provisional Vegas situation. Listen, Fanny dumped the dance academy on me."
Talia: "You teach little girls to strip? Cool."
Michelle: "Not as cool as the fact that I can almost 100 percent guarantee this pole won't be here in the next episode, because of how this show treats causality and logic like particularly hated cousins at Thanksgiving."
Talia: "I guess we'll have to have our road trip without going on the road or taking a trip."
Michelle: "So, more like a ' .'"
Talia: "Ready to embarrass ourselves in the town where you randomly live?"
Michelle: "Sounds like a great idea!"
Talia: "Yeah, especially since I'm an alcoholic and have no accountability like you do now."


Michelle: "Just telling you right now, this place is the worst."
Talia: "It looks lovely! Remember that joke from that one movie or show or comedian about how Risky Business is just The Cat In The Hat but with whores?"
Michelle: "We're so funny and relatable. Hey, that store Surf Wax over there sells surf wax. It used to sell flip-flops. When it was called Flip Flops."
Talia: "What about this store Sparkles? Do they sell Sparkles?"
Michelle: "No, they sell assholes that do not function."


Truly: "The prices are ridiculously low, everything is hand-made, and I do free alterations on site. Also, I know what's best for everybody but myself."
Talia: "In characteristically ludicrous fashion, this Vegas showgirl is excited about your entire line of Willow Rosenberg-looking wear apparel. I'll buy one of everything! And wear it on my body!"
Truly: "Why are you dressing up in my clothes for tonight? Are you going to a party? Is it themed I'm A Baby-Lady?"
Michelle: "It's my birthday!"
Truly: "Cool, cool."
Talia: "It's going to be super wonderful. You should feel really bad about not being invited."

The next thing that happens, possibly it means I'm coming into mental synch with this show, which is terrifying, but the next thing that happens is that Truly produces a score of decapitated teddy-bear heads which she's attaching to a jacket which in turn Talia can't wait to try on.

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