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The Birds and the Bunheads

The next day, the girls look up a whole bunch of stuff about sex. Boo can't seem to concentrate as much as the other girls and switches from reading Judy Blume to The Hobbit. Who knows which one was teaching her about sex, really? At the studio, Cozette drops a copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves and walks away. Seriously, she should try minding her own business. With homemade snacks in hand, Sasha takes them to the drug store to look at condoms. It's stressful.

Fanny meets with Milly and tells her that she has to help Truly. Milly is her usual well of empathy and says that maybe she'll get Truly another factory job. Michelle enters the studio in dance clothes and Fanny wonders why. She says that she was feeling bloated and wanted to spin around in the hopes of flinging it off. I mean, that's really funny. Michelle is working on something. She seems nervous. Sasha comes in and says that she wants to make an appointment with Michelle about sex. She explains to Michelle that she overintellectualized getting a dog when she was a kid and she doesn't want to do that with sex. She wants some interaction. You know, she is pretty severe, but I think she's coming from the right place.

We see Scotty performing some odd jobs around the manse, which is cute. It gives Michelle a chance to rag on him, which is always fun. She asks Fanny for a specific day off and she gives it to her. She asks her what Fanny says to the girl when they ask her about sex. They don't. Michelle tries to slide out of the convo, but now Fanny wants to know about the sex talk that is happening. Michelle doesn't give anybody up and I can't decide if that's a good thing or not.

On the day of Michelle's day off, the girls show up for dance class and see a girl fleeing in tears, so they know that Jordan is teaching. They are going to ditch class rather than deal with his golden boy next door cruelty. Sorry, I still love him from SYTYCD. They see Michelle get into her car and very hesitantly in a stop/start way...leave. The slow exit gives them enough time to decide to follow her. Next stop, LA.

We see Michelle sign up for an open call audition. She's wearing her stage make-up, which is a great detail. The line is long. Really long. She's done this before though. She plops her butt down on the grass and pulls out her book. The girls find Michelle but hide from her. The audition is at a Methodist church, which worries Boo that she might get in trouble because she's Lutheran. They find out that Michelle is auditioning for a musical of Dark Victory, a Bette Davis movie. The girls decide to hang and check things out.

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