The Astronaut and the Ballerina

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At the Oyster Bar, Michelle apologizes to Godot with a DVD of Finding Nemo. She says, "I talk, therefore, I am." Then, she tells him she read his thesis online. He walks her home. She tells a story about having an affair with the husband of the woman she was understudying in a show. She finds her brother Scotty on her doorstep. This means that things are on hold with Godot. It appears that Scotty recently was married. Again. His fourth time. Well, fourth wedding. He left her at the altar and needs a place to crash.

The next day, Michelle calls Scotty's former fiancée and tries to apologize. Meanwhile, he has apparently found out that the local barista hates her. There's a moment where she shames Scotty for having a purple sweater and calls him gay. OK. Awesomely, Boo enters with three little boys. They are Carl's nephews and she is frazzled. She screams at one of them, Beaver, and it includes saying his name like six times. It's great. Finally, Carl comes for them. It's like they're little parents.

Later, Carl and Boo and the boys are at the Oyster Bar. Scotty and Michelle enter and go to the bar. He makes jokes about how young Godot is then starts cruising for girls. Michelle nixes all of them because they are people integral to her survival in Paradise (manicurist, student's mother, etc.). She also preemptively tells him that he's not allowed to sleep with Truly because she's weird. They start doing shots and are drunk when they get home. Michelle finds her ukulele under her pillow. Scotty brought it. She had been looking for it. She says that it's the only good present their mother got her. They reminisce about the old days. He says that he thought he would be a big shot as a grown-up. As they are drifting to sleep, they say that he could still be an astronaut and she was supposed to be a ballerina when she grew up.

The next day, Mel is about to hit the rink. She goes out and very shortly hits the floor. Looks like she loves it. Cozette is the DJ and they have a look of appreciation or thanks cross between them. Melanie arrives at ballet and Ginny is hysterical because she hasn't been able to reach her. She says that it's crisis time and Melanie HAS to be available. She can't turn her phone off. She asks that Mel accompany her to the photo shoot for the wedding and she agrees. Cozette enters and Ginny's not having it. She doesn't want to speak to her. Claire calls and Ginny goes into crisis mode, giving Mel time to talk to Cozette. Cozette says she understands that group dynamics are resistant to change, which is good because I hate Ginny looking like a jerk. Later, they go downstairs and Ginny has this awesome monologue about how we mock the things we love from Carl Reiner's 2000 Year Old Man and she wonders at what point she will become crazy like her mother. Then, Frankie is behind her and asks her if she's Dutch because she reminds him of a Vermeer. She melts.

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