There's Nothing Worse Than A Pantsuit

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Just In Time... For A Pre-Meeting

The next day, Michelle shows up late and hungover to help Ginny with her audition. She's singing "The Perfect Relationship" from Bells Are Ringing. Michelle laughs at how the kids don't use cassette tapes for their auditions anymore. Ginny starts and she's really cute, but something's not there. She makes her start over and tells her to sing louder. She tells her to start over again and starts really coaching her, but in sort of an annoyed way. Ginny gets better! But, not good enough for Michelle. She jumps in and starts doing it Sutton Foster-style. Oh yeah. Ginny thinks it was perfect. It looks like it gives Michelle a little bit of a charge, too.

The next day, Ginny is still having a hard time forcing herself to go into her audition. She sees Frankie outside of the audition and he convinces her to go it. He's dreamy. Later, at dance class, everyone applauds Ginny when she walks in. Apparently, she killed it at her audition. She tells the girls that Michelle coached her and threw water on her at one point. The race for the part is down to Ginny and another girl and a boy. Heh. Sasha says that the boy played the lead in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (a part played in the film by a young Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey) the year before so she imagines that they will be looking for fresh blood. Ginny just says that she is happy that she auditioned. She goes to Frankie and, with her newfound confidence, asks him if he'd like to hang out. He just kind of stares at her (which, frankly, is a little rude) so she gets uncomfortable and slinks away. Everyone sees this happen.

At the barre, Cozette approaches her and says that, though that was a really uncomfortable thing to watch, Frankie actually really likes awkward. So, ultimately, that was a success. But, then, Ginny essentially tells her to bug off with her clothes and her coolness. Cozette calls her "Heidi" (name calling? Way to lose the upper hand there, Cozette. Whatever, I'm just probably going to be on Ginny's side about most things) and tells her that they don't have to be friends but she'll need to be cool if she wants to get with her brother, because they are "Zappa tight." At least we know that Cozette can get angry.

Truly makes tea for Talia, who wonders if she can leave her fiance for a year to perform in a show. Michelle gives back her pantsuit because her life is not going to include pantsuits.

OK, I don't mean to be this guy, but it looks like Frankie is taking his shirt off next week.

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