What’s Your Damage, Heather?

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Blood In/Blood Out/La-La-La

...Okay. I'll buy it. There's still no real reason beyond the fact that she's fucked up and she's Sasha and she's in a total meltdown, but that was a great speech. A great Michelle speech, and more to the point than probably anything that has ever happened on this show.

Predictably, Sasha is chastened and immediately back to preening for approval; afterwards Charlie and Melanie have yet another unconvincing and off-putting fight. Why does it bother me so much, because it does every time and I realize too that I've mentioned it other places in this recap. Hmm, give me a sec. It's like...

It's because when the people on this show are mean to each other, they're just mean. It's like watching British people talk to each other, or the way people sometimes treat each other that are family members. It's mean, with a familiarity behind it that does not actually exist. It's using speech to be hurtful, which makes it less communicative, which for a show with this much talking seems really graceless. And I'm not being overly earnest here, I don't think. I know sometimes nerds have a problem understanding tone and so a lot of this shitty vibe goes over their heads, which is why they always come off so rude, but if you can't hear it to begin with, then maybe it looks like I'm playing innocent. I'm not innocent, or earnest, a lot of the time.

Or oversensitive, I mean, I'm pretty awful too. I'm insensitive and pig-headed and pretty disrespectful to people sometimes. Certainly judgmental, even when I keep quiet about it. So it's not like I've never seen this kind of behavior, or anything like that. But I mean, Michelle really is a bitch to Truly, half the time. Sasha really is a bitch to everybody, Fanny really is a bitch to everybody. And it comes off with this canned-laughter kind of feeling that it's supposed to be funny, but it's not really all that funny. Desperately unhappy, like a '90s sitcom, but not really all that funny.

Especially weird after those moments of honesty and truth that they sometimes reach, which they do, this show is capable of so much, and yet they drag you back down with this... These just miserable people. Everybody who is smart is unhappy and shitty, and everybody who is dumb is unrealistically and wildly and obnoxiously dumb and shitty, and what's left? Foster's great at all things, Bishop's amazing, some of these girls are burning it up, Truly's pulling together an inspiredly deranged performance, and there are some occasionally beautiful lines, scattered among the harsh, cynical, angry sentiments everybody's constantly firing at everybody else at this lauded, touted speed.

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