What’s Your Damage, Heather?

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Blood In/Blood Out/La-La-La

Melanie: "You broke up with Josh?"
Ginny: "Shit yeah."
Melanie: "Interesting. Interesting."


Nanette: "Can I come in? I promise not to yell at you or make weird accusations. Or steal anything."
Michelle: "I'm just feeling very tender today, Nanette. Please don't make me eat food."
Nanette: "Her name actually is Claire. Don't listen to her, her hair doesn't even move. Have this juice box."
Michelle: "My fuckup was trying to be friends with those girls."
Nanette: "Eat this cookie."
Michelle: "And Sasha is a raving fucking lunatic. These cookies are good."
Nanette: "It's my thing."
Michelle: "You know that freak stole my shirt? Lied to my face? Do children do that?"
Nanette: "Constantly."

Nanette begins petting Michelle like a dog. It feels weird on several levels, most of all because whatever happened in ASP's life convinced her never to have children of her own. Which I don't want to talk about, much less know, but now I'm sitting here doing both and Nanette is petting Michelle's hair, like a dog, and making her eat baby food.

Michelle: "My mother was like... A non-mother. I called her Deb. It wasn't even her name, it's just what I called her."

("I heard in the South African version, the Michelle character was only like thirteen years old. And Hubbell's name was Khal Drogo, the war-chieftain of a nation of horse people. She was an albino. He was ... not. The ratings were terrific.")

Michelle: "That feels good. I don't know how to do any of this. Am I kid or an adult?"
Nanette: "They are absolutely in love with you. This is how kids work. Have another cookie. You've gifted my daughter with confidence, somehow. I think I've been doing it wrong."


Charlie: "Boo. Come here. I want to talk to you."
Boo: "Are you talking to me? Because your voice is really curt and it's like you're going to attack me."
Charlie: "Hey, is Ginny on the market yet and can you talk me up to her? Because you know Melanie isn't going to help."
Boo: "Yeah, totally. Since I hate myself."

Boo, immediately: "Ginny, Charlie was asking about you. Your availability."
Ginny: "That's amazing. I never liked him like that. I know you did, but this is about me."
Boo: "Yeah, it sure is."

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