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Method to the Madness

At the nearby club (natch), Eddie tells Michael about the "FBI tail" he spotted, and begs him to help move his money. Michael declines, saying he's got enough heat on himself with his own money. As Eddie begs, Michael VOs, "Criminals are, as a rule, paranoid and self-serving, so if you're using a criminal cover ID, you can't be too helpful." So Michael shoots Eddie down again, saying it's too risky. "Luckily," Michael's VO continues, "you can usually count on the other guy not to let you off easy." Sure enough, Eddie threatens to tell the Feds about "Jimmy," so Michael folds and says he's got a set up all ready in the Seychelles. Eddie likes the sound of that, and just needs to take care of one more "loose end" before they can make the transfer of funds. Michael almost breaks character as he realizes that Eddie is about to have Ricky offed, but then he remembers to congratulate him on his initiative. "Look at you, moving up," he says. He offers to call some women to throw a party, and when Eddie goes to get a new bottle, Michael instead calls Fi to dispatch her to Ricky's, telling her there's a hit squad on the way there. Fi says she'll bring some firepower, but Michael warns her not to look like she's helping him. "Do something else. Anything else." Oh, and send some women over to meet Michael and Eddie while you're at it.

A motley bunch of hip-hop types is sneaking up to Ricky's house with guns drawn as Michael VOs, "In any kind of covert operation, one of the toughest challenges is using information that you're not supposed to have." With that, the guys are outlined by a set of headlights sweeping past as Fi's Saab pulls up outside the house, hitting the trash cans for added drama while the guys hide in the bushes. "If going in guns blazing will blow your cover," Michael's VO continues, "sometimes you've got to get creative." So why send Fi? Actually, she has come up with a solution, because when she's not allowed to use guns or explosives, she always has her ass to fall back on. Such as it is. Stumbling out of the car, she pulls down her miniskirt enough to expose her thong as she yells at Ricky's house like she's a jilted girlfriend. After ranting for a minute, she hurls a rock through Ricky's front window, triggering the alarm and sending Eddie's guys scampering away from the scene. That alarm turned out to be a pretty good investment, there, Ricky.

Next morning, Ricky's at Michael's loft with Michael and Fi as they talk about their little catch-22: Eddie wants to move his money, but won't do it while Ricky's alive. "The only way to clear my name is to die a violent death?" Ricky asks. Hey, it doesn't have to be violent. Borrow one of the more elderly cups of yogurt from the back of Michael's fridge and it'll be over before you know it. But Michael's already got the tactical judo figured out: "Eddie has a Ricky problem," he says. "We'll help him solve it." He asks if Ricky can find out when Valentine is leaving the office today. When Ricky says he can, Michael gets on his cell and asks Sam to "stash [his] mom someplace safe for a couple of hours." Like a smoke shop. Perfect camouflage.

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Burn Notice




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