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Method to the Madness

Michael has apparently ridden with Eddie to Ricky's house, and gives him an encouraging gesture as Eddie hides the gun in his jacket and dashes up to Ricky's door. When Ricky opens it. Eddie points the gun at him sideways like The Littlest Gangster, backing Ricky into the house. Ricky plays the part of the frightened victim, trying to talk Eddie down and saying nobody needs to know, as Eddie makes him kneel on the living-room floor. Eddie chuckles that he almost wishes they did know, so he could take the credit for a scam that Ricky never could have pulled off. He asks Ricky why he pushed it by going to the FBI. "Because it's not your money," Ricky says, quite convincingly. Eddie yells that in fact it is his money: he built the company, made Valentine what he is. Now Valentine is worth half a billion dollars, and Eddie's living on table scraps. "Between me and you, Ricky. I don't even like the music any more. Can't stand it." Wow, good thing Valentine isn't here to hear this. Finally Eddie takes aim at Ricky's head and pulls the trigger. Okay, this is the worst plan ever. Fortunately, Ricky only flinches, because he's unharmed. Oh, yeah, Michael gave Eddie the gun. Duh. Confused, Eddie fires a few more blanks at Eddie, and is still trying to figure out what's going on when the hulking figure of Valentine walks quietly into the room, followed by Michael and Fi. Realizing Valentine must have heard everything he just said -- which would explain the crazy-angry eyes Valentine keeps flashing down at him -- Eddie immediately turns to jelly. "Everybody out," Valentine says. "Except you, Eddie." Under the circumstances, Ricky doesn't object to being kicked out of his own house. I'm surprised he doesn't warn Valentine about the draft from the front window.

Back at the loft, Ricky reports that Valentine and Eddie went for a little cruise on Valentine's yacht, and only Valentine came back. Damn, that is so street, isn't it? How many rap jams have we heard boasting about sailing some punk-ass bitch out to the Gulf Stream and sending them off to Davy Jones's Lizzocker? That's straight hardcore, y'all. But apparently it's good enough for Ricky; he continues having gainful employment with a known murderer, and gets to hope that his next performance review doesn't include the sentence "Resolved a major financial discrepancy by hiring people who ended up assaulting my guards and kidnapping me at gunpoint." Ricky pulls out his cash envelope for Michael again, and again Michael declines. Seeing the look Fi's giving him, Michael amends that to "Fi needs new shoes, cover our expenses, we'll call it even." Just for shits and giggles, let's run down those expenses: a couple of rounds of Blue, some blank ammunition, a white tie, and five grand for Barry. Christ, Michael, take the fucking envelope. But instead, Ricky hands Fi a few bills. I hope he remembered to deduct the cost of the window she broke for him. Michael tells Ricky to say hello to his brother, gives him an awkward soul hug, and Ricky's off.

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Burn Notice




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